Donald Trump Believes 'Racism is Good Political Strategy' For 2020, Adam Schiff Says

California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff said President Donald Trump believes "racism is a good political strategy" to rile up Republican voters.

Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, also said Sunday during a television appearance that he hopes Special Counsel Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress this week will bring the "damning" but lengthy report "to life" for Washington lawmakers.

Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan asked Schiff to respond to GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney's claim that Trump's verbal attacks toward the progressive "Squad" members — progressive Democratic Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley, all women of color — is "about policy, not about about race, not about politics."

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"Tragically, the president has decided racism is good politics," said Schiff. "Racism is a good political strategy, there's a reason why he keeps returning to attacking these women of color and the rhetoric that he uses. The crowd's ugly racist chant didn't materialize out of nothing, it came from the president's own tweet and words and incendiary rhetoric."

Schiff continued, "This, of course, wasn't a one-off either. This was the same president who said there were good people on both sides of a neo-Nazi rally," he said, referring to the president's comments after the violent August 2017 Unite the Right event in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"This is who he is and he thinks it's a winning political strategy," said Schiff. "And God help us if it is. I think it's a losing strategy and I think we're going to see next year what a colossal losing strategy it is."

In the late 1960s, Republican Party strategists working with Richard Nixon created a "Southern Strategy" that capitalized on racial divisions and appealed to white voters in the South.

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Brennan asked the high-ranking Democrat if members of his own party should do more to be careful about their own language they use when criticizing conservatives or Trump personally.

Schiff repeatedly rejected this suggestion that the "send her back" chants at the recent Trump rally had any parallel among Democrats. He told Brennan, "there isn't any equivalence here," adding "we're not inciting crowds to chant 'send them back.' This is coming from the president. Yes, we have a big and diverse caucus... that is not in any way equivalent to the racist rhetoric coming out of the White House."

Regarding House Democrats' ongoing investigations of the Trump White House, Schiff said Mueller, who is set to testify before Congress Wednesday, will hopefully give lawmakers an opportunity to internalize more details of the 400-plus pages turned over to lawmakers. The California congressman said Trump continues to deceive people about the contents of the report.

Schiff said he doesn't want members of Congress seeing the report filtered through U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, "who had his own misleading characterization" of Mueller's report.

"We want Bob Mueller to bring it to life, to talk about what's in the report," Schiff said. "It's a pretty damning set of facts that involve a presidential campaign in a close race welcoming help from a hostile foreign power. Not reporting it, but eagerly embracing it, building it into their campaign strategy, lying about it to cover up, then obstructing an investigation into foreign interference, again to cover up."

"The president keeps on trying to deceive them" "not filtered through Bill Barr, who had his own misleading characterization" of the report.

Schiff said that while he and other Democrats will be campaigning for middle-class Americans heading into 2020, Trump sits on Twitter trying to "demonize four women of color."

Donald Trump Believes 'Racism is Good Political Strategy' For 2020, Adam Schiff Says | U.S.