All the Clues Adele Is Releasing a New Album After Deleted Tweet Goes Viral

Adele has not been on the scene for some time, taking time away from the spotlight since her world tour in 2017. She marked her comeback with her debut appearance on SNL, not as a performer, but as the host.

The singer has been seen more in the public eye over the past few months, with her sharing pictures of a glamorous party with her rumored partner, sports agent Rich Paul.

But what fans have really been waiting for is new music from the singer, with some even commenting on her recent pictures just to campaign for a new album.

While some fans have resorted to asking the singer herself, many are convinced she and others have been dropping hints, and might have the inside track on when a fourth album will arrive.

Newsweek delves into all the rumours about Adele's new music.

Clues Adele Is Releasing New Music

One clue has come from recent tweets, with those in-the-know in the music industry suggesting a new album could drop as soon as this week.

In a now-deleted tweet from September 28, Stingray Radio host Mauler simply posted: "New Adele. This Week"

The simple post sent fans in a tailspin, as they shared and questioned whether there could be any truth in the matter.

While some were uncertain, others had their belief cemented when Billboard also shared the top-charting Adele songs in a tweet.

They also mentioned Adele in another tweet about top-charting artists, alongside Taylor Swift.

This second tweet was all fans needed to convince them something truly was happening behind the scenes, and many made their views known in comments and posts.

In response to Billboard's tweet, one commenter said: "TELL US WHAT YOU KNOW"


— Ƴ🦋 (@legendaryadkins) September 28, 2021

Others sent their own comments, with one reading: "i cant handle rumors that adele is releasing a new album this week. id emotionally implode."

i cant handle rumors that adele is releasing a new album this week. id emotionally implode.

— connor (@connorfranta) September 28, 2021


— oscar ✩ Adele is coming (@oscarperry_) September 28, 2021

Streets saying Adele about to drop?
I’m ready.

— King Wow (@WowThatsHipHop) September 28, 2021

According to a very reliable insider, adele's fourth studio album has been finalized and the music video for the lead single was recently recorded.

— Adele Nation (@AdeleNation88) September 27, 2021

These clues are not the only ones, as an Adele fan account also suggested a music video had been recorded already for an upcoming single, though this was not verified.

Another tweet then surfaced of a so-called track list, which suggested the new album could have collaborations with Ariana Grande and Beyonce.

The hardcore fans, however, knew a fake when they saw it, and shared their view that the real deal, whenever it does arrive, will look very different.

Whether Adele's new album arrives this week, the next or in time for Christmas, it is clear she has an army of fans waiting to support her.

Newsweek has contacted representatives for Adele.

Adele Rolling in the Deep
Adele poses in the press room at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 12, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images