Adele Doesn't Want To Be Too Political, Thanks Sarah Palin 'For Everything' In SNL Monologue

Adele took a moment during her Saturday Night Live monologue to thank Sarah Palin "for everything."

The Grammy-winning singer kicked off her hosting duties by saying she was "absolutely thrilled" to finally be fronting SNL because not only does she "genuinely love" the show, she also has it to thank for helping her find success in the U.S.

SNL is "the show that broke my career here in America 12 very long years ago," 32-year-old Adele explained.

She was the musical guest during an episode that aired October 18, 2008 and saw former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin appear alongside Tina Fey. "So obviously a few million people tuned in" and the "rest is now history," Adele added.

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Adele performed two songs from her debut album, 19, during that episode. According to USA Today, 19 climbed to the top of the iTunes chart the day after the show, which was SNL's highest rated in 14 years at the time.

"Now I don't know anything about American politics, I mean, I'm British, you know?" Adele continued in her monologue. "And I don't want to say anything too political so I'll just say this... Sarah Palin, babes, thanks for everything, yeah?"

Adele then addressed "the chatter" about why she was only hosting the episode, which saw singer-songwriter H.E.R. perform as the musical guest.

"My album's not finished and I'm also too scared to do both," she said. "I'd rather just put on some wigs—and this is all mine by the way—have a glass of wine or six and just see what happens."

Adele's last appearance on SNL came in 2015, where she performed songs from her award-winning album 25.

And the singer also made light of her recent weight loss, joking: "I know I look really, really different since you last saw me, but actually, because of all the COVID restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and only bring half of me... and this is the half that I chose."

She also joked that she was "nervous" doing live television because "I swear a lot, like a lot, a lot." To demonstrate her point, she played a heavily bleeped clip from her appearance at the Glastonbury music festival.

"To keep myself in check tonight, we've got a swear jar... so let's check in on that and see how I'm doing so far," Adele added, before the camera panned to Kenan Thompson with a large jar filled with cash. "Getting pretty full, Adele," he noted.

Adele also took a moment to give a "genuine, sincere thank you"to New York's frontline workers, including some who were in the audience.

And despite Adele not being the show's musical guest, she did manage to show off her skills during a sketch spoofing The Bachelor. Adele, who split from her husband last year, is looking for love on the show, but annoys her fellow contestants by belting out her hit songs during key moments.

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Adele thanked Sarah Palin during her Saturday Night Live monologue. NBC/Saturday Night Live