Adele's Post Honoring First Responders Sparks Debate About Body Image

Rumor has it that Adele went through a major transformation—and it's true. On May 6, the Grammy winner thanked first responders for their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic on Instagram. However, her post on social media has sparked a debate about inner beauty and body image online.

Adele Teases New Album
Adele performs at The Gabba on March 4, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. The Grammy winner celebrated her 32nd birthday on May 5. Getty

With the post, Adele shared a picture of herself in a black minidress. She looked noticeably slimmer and was all smiles.

Famous friends were floored by the English singer's appearance on Instagram. A shocked Chrissy Teigen wrote, "I mean are you kidding me." "YOU LOOK AMAZING," YouTube star James Charles gushed. "And the internet breaks in 3... 2... 1..." singer Leroy Sanchez quipped. Many others left heart emojis and wished the singer a happy birthday. (She turned 32 on May 5.)

Us Weekly reported in January that the singer told a fan she lost "around 100 pounds." Her former Pilates instructor also told the publication that she dropped the weight through a change of diet.

Even though Adele's post had the good intentions of thanking those fighting the ongoing pandemic, it's resulted in a back and forth over the singer's appearance.

One fan was particularly critical of other celebrities who claim to be supporters of body positivity, but who also gush when someone undergoes dramatic weight loss.

"Never fails to make me chuckle that all these celebrities, tv networks etc are always on some campaign blabbering about 'body positivity' 'Love the body you're in!' blah blah etc etc," one user chided on Instagram. "Then they go and have surgery or go on some insane diet and get so skinny that they look like recovering crack addicts and then all the other 'body positive' celebrities and media talk about how great they look."

Fans also took to Twitter and voiced their opinions about how Adele looked before her dramatic weight loss, and the conversation around her new image. Read their comments below.

saying adele had a “glow up” like she hasn’t been gorgeous from day one and didn’t give us two diamond records already

— stephen ossola (@stephenossola) May 6, 2020

Adele looked great then and Adele looks great now. End of. Is it any wonder women are constantly unhappy stuck in this tiresome chain of comparing every inch of their bodies to some other woman? Stop creating this ‘perfect body’ narrative, it doesn’t exist

— Colin Fitz ✨ (@_colinfitz) May 6, 2020

To my fellow fats who are looking at everyone telling Adele how beautiful she is now she's skinny - you're valid, beautiful and celebrated at the weight you are NOW. You don't need an "Adele" moment to feel validated. You can achieve and be whatever you want to be RIGHT NOW.

— lottie l’amour 💖💛💙 (@Lottie_Lamour) May 6, 2020

Adele losing weight doesn't mean that she wasn't beautiful at any size and complimenting her appearance now doesn't take away from that fact! Her body, her choice for how it looks. You do you, girl! Happy birthday, May sister 🥳 💃

— Hanna Ines Flint (@HannaFlint) May 6, 2020

Adele is the same person she was. Not a better person. Not a more acceptable person. The same. The growth is on the inside. She is a strong, brilliant, talented woman.

— Roisin Ingle (@roisiningle) May 6, 2020

Never mind Adele’s weight loss, her achievements so far are MAD:

120 million records, 15 Grammys, 18 Billboard Awards, 5 AMAs, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, the fastest selling album in iTunes history and the best selling album of the year 4 times in a decade.

Happy 32nd, Queen 👑

— Joe (@JoeSaunders) May 6, 2020

yes adele has lost a lot of weight, but she has always been beautiful regardless

— 𝐣𝐚𝐜𝐤 (@imchained2katy) May 6, 2020

Can we please not celebrate Adele for losing weight like it’s the ultimate achievement? The news articles & tweets are disgusting 😬

— Katie Meehan (@_katiemeehan) May 6, 2020

I see that Adele is trending because people are saying how gorgeous she is since she lost weight. Y’all, we’ve been over this...

Your weight doesn’t determine your beauty. Your appearance doesn’t determine your beauty. The number on the scale doesn’t make you worthy or unworthy.

— Melissa Blake (@melissablake) May 6, 2020