Adorable 2-Year-Old Girl and Her Favorite Creepy 'Dead' Babydoll Has Internet Swooning

An adorable two-year-old has found her best friend in a creepy "undead" babydoll she calls "Dolly." The toddler's mother, Kourtni Eckstein, has shared multiple videos to her TikTok page that show her daughter Parker doing virtually everything with Dolly, from going to the bus stop and the park to eating and napping. Though the toy's appearance is a bit bone-chilling, the internet loves this unique duo.

In the first video posted to her account yesterday, Eckstein shows viewers a montage of clips that show Parker pushing Dolly in a swing, napping with Dolly and even feeding the doll fruit. The TikTok post has already received more than 2 million views.

Commenters found Parker's fascination with the doll hilarious.

"Naw, this is the funniest thing," said Laura.

"I'm literally in tears," said another commenter.

One commenter joked that author Stephen King would soon be using the TikTok as inspiration for his next novel, while others warned Eckstein that the doll is eerily reminiscent of Annabelle, the infamous possessed doll from The Conjuring.

Eckstein told Newsweek they first bought the doll last fall on a trip to Walmart. When Parker spotted the doll in the Halloween section, she picked it up but couldn't bring herself to put the doll back.

"At first I was like 'no way!' But she was so compassionate like it was a normal baby doll and carried it around our whole shopping trip," Eckstein said, "[When it] came time to check out I couldn't say no."

Of course, every doll needs a friend. Shortly after their first trip to Walmart, Eckstein took Parker to a party store to buy yard decorations. When Parker laid her eyes on a similar doll, "she immediately started yelling, 'Dolly!'"

"I picked it up and gave it to her in the cart, and she started saying 'cweepy' but then the same thing [happened]," Eckstein continued. "She was so attached I thought, 'heck I think I need to buy this one for her, too.'"

And that, said Eckstein, is how Dolly got her sister, "Sissy."

Eckstein's post about Sissy has received more than 9 million views and counting. And much like with the first video, commenters were enraptured by Parker's love for these strange little dolls.

"Adams [sic] family vibes, I love her," commented one TikToker.

"If I don't have a child like this one day, I don't want it," another joked.

Some people couldn't understand why Eckstein would buy her daughter such offbeat toys. Others, however, took the time to praise Eckstein's decision to let Parker play with the dolls she gravitated toward versus forcing her to play with something more traditional.

"That's one cool kid," said one commenter. "And you're an awesome mom for letting [her] be who she is."

Eckstein told Newsweek she sees nothing wrong with the dolls, and is happy to see such a positive response to Parker's love for Dolly and Sissy.

"I love that people love it. I don't see anything wrong with it. She wanted it, saw no differences with the doll so neither do I," she said. "In a world where many can be so cruel, I think it's been a great reminder that humans are innately good at heart, and that prejudice is a learned trait. I hope my children respect and learn to love others for who they are, and not for what they look like."

toddler playing with her doll
Videos showing a toddler playing with a creepy "undead" doll have the internet swooning. Here a girl plays with a toy doll. romrodinka/iStock