Adorable 'Gymnastics Cat' Delights the Internet With Olympics Reaction

A cat's adorable reaction to seeing gymnasts perform at the Tokyo Olympics on television has gone viral and delighted viewers.

The video, posted under the username teenybellinitheprettypittie introduces the ginger tabby as "Grappa: 2024 Olympic Gymnastics Cat."

It's a moniker Grappa more than lives up to in the ensuing clip.

Perched high up on a mantelpiece, besides the television screen, Grappa is filmed following along with the action.

The cat paws at the TV as the gymnast on screen completes a perfect front somersault on the beam.

Moments later, Grappa looks to be attempting to copy the gymnast's every move in an impressive show of synchronization for a feline.

In an accompanying clip, appears to try to push another gymnast along the bar, occasionally raising a paw to the figure on screen as if willing them to jump forward.

A third video shows Grappa mesmerized while a male gymnast completes the horizontal bar.

cats watching gymnastics is my new favorite
(teenybellinitheprettypittie IG)

— Humor And Animals (@humorandanimals) July 28, 2021

First posted to Instagram on Thursday, the impressive efforts of Grappa the Olympic gymnastics cat were not lost on teenybellinitheprettypittie's followers.

Queen_elizabeth_joy wrote: "This is so cute. Lil gymnast in the making!"

Scarlettsfaith said: "That is awesome."

"What a great start to my day!" the_gull_diaries added.

Exposuremind, meanwhile, commented: "You should forward this video to the USA gymnastics team. They would love it!"

Some even attempted to link Grappa's efforts to the recent withdrawal of Simone Biles from several Olympic gymnastics finals, joking that Grappa might want to stand in.

Marymcgarry6 commented: "Grappa wants to take Simone's place."

The original video of Grappa has since been picked up by the Twitter account @humorandanimals, where the clip of the cat's gymnastic efforts went viral. It was posted with the caption: "Cats watching gymnastics is my new favorite."

Grappa's video has been viewed more than one million times on the account, and retweeted over 14,000 times.

One Twitter user suggested Grappa might be "spotting" the athletes to keep them safe.

"Kitty's spotting for them so they don't get hurt," they wrote.

Another said: "Don't worry Kitty, You don't have to hold them, they know, what they're doin..."

Fellow cat owners have also flocked to the tweet to share videos of their own cats enjoying the Olympics.

— Mindy J☀️y (@FairyTaleMindy) July 29, 2021

She has some strong opponents though

— Alper Alnak (@Alperidus) July 28, 2021

Mine prefer soccer. Specifically, U.S. Women's National Team!

— 👁‍🗨 Renée J. (@RJFlamingo) July 28, 2021

It is not just the gymnastics that appear to have caught the eye either with several felines filmed watching everything from the women's soccer to the Equestrian events on offer at the Games.

One even shared a clip showcasing their pet's appreciation for snooker.

Newsweek has contacted Instagram user teenybellinitheprettypittie for comment.

A cat and a US gymnast.
USA's Sunisa Lee competes in the balance beam at the Tokyo Olympics and a stock image of a ginger cat - a similar feline has found viral fame thanks to her reaction to the gymnastics. Martin Bureau/asadykov/AFP via Getty