Adorable 'Liquid' Cats Snuggled Up in Plastic Containers Go Viral

Cats love nothing more than squeezing themselves into the smallest of spaces.

A flexible collarbone, shoulders and spine makes it easy for most fit and healthy felines to maneuver themselves into the tightest of openings, while a cat's whiskers help them to determine the width and suitability of a given space.

But there's more to it than that. Cats are hardwired to seek out tight enclosed spaces. As wild animals they sought the security and shelter these spaces offered. A snug spot that maximized the warmth of their natural body heat and offered an important vantage point.

"Cats like to position themselves so they can see out of the opening," Marilyn Krieger, a certified cat behaviorist, told Catster.

"They feel safe and hidden from potential threats, while at the same time they can see possible predators and other threats. Their heads are facing out, so it can be easier for them to fight if they need to."

Even with all of this in mind though, cats continue to amaze animal lovers with their weird and wonderful ability to seemingly defy the laws of physics.

When a particular space calls for it, a cat is seemingly able to turn from solid to liquid in order to fulfill every feline's ultimate goal: to find a place to nap and stay napping for as long as possible.

A case in point recently emerged on Instagram, where a trio of adorably fluffy cats ended up going viral after a video showcasing their unique "snuggle spot" surfaced on the platform.

The video first started garnering attention after it was posted by Meowed, an account set up to celebrate all things feline.

In the clip, three cats can be seen crammed inside clear plastic containers. Make no mistake though: these felines are there of their own volition.

While the cat on the left is busy cleaning themselves in an unmentionable area, the one placed in the center is also grooming themselves with one leg poking up out of the plastic. However, it's the cat on the right who has garnered the most attention, despite being fast asleep.

"My mood right now: cat on the right," jullie_lia90 joked. "That's like three siblings," shuklamansiii added. "The right one is the good one and the other two are partners in crime who blame the right one." Iyop_garfield, meanwhile, branded the trio: "Cappucino, Milk, Latte."

A popular clip, at the time of writing the video has racked up more than 2 million views. However, it actually comes from another Instagram account, jirosan77, a feline fan who has made a name for himself posting videos of his British shorthair cats in adorable action—or rather inaction.

Their five cats, Jiro, Mikan, Potato, Tempura and Anmitsu, have more than 45,000 followers on Instagram, while the video showing three of the five crammed into the plastic containers has been watched over 1 million times on the account.

Newsweek has contacted jirosan77 for comment.

Of course, this isn't the first time a cat has gone viral for exhibiting super cute behavior.

One kitten recently caught the eye on TikTok after a video surfaced showing the young cat desperately trying to imitate the hoping movements of a bunny rabbit.

Then there was the equally adorable feline who found a way to make headlines after getting stuck inside a potato masher.

A pair of cats in a basket.
Stock image of two cats - a gang of felines have found internet fame after wedging themselves into a series of plastic containers. Yonmariii/Getty