Adorable Resurfaced Clip Shows Clever Way Vet Administers Puppies' Vaccines

A resurfaced video that made its way to Reddit's "Aww" forum shows a veterinarian's clever tactic of administering a vaccine to two puppies without them noticing.

Reddit user u/vladgrinch reshared the clip, titled "Mastering vaccines thru the art of distraction," and it received nearly 65,000 votes. The video was initially shared on Dr. Evan Antin's official Facebook page, where it was viewed more than 74,000 times.

Distraction is a common way veterinarians and pet owners give medication to a pet.

The Crossroads Animal Hospital listed several methods a pet owner can successfully give their furry friend a pill or liquid medication.

"Give your dog a medication-infused treat during a walk or offer a bite of a tuna-encrusted medication while your cat is mesmerized by the birds outside the window," the animal hospital stated.

In addition to distraction, the animal hospital suggested pet owners can mix the medication into some food. They can also look into whether a compounding pharmacy can tweak the medication flavor to something the pet may enjoy, like beef, fish or chicken.

The veterinarian in the video offers one of the puppies a small dish of food, which it begins eating from before he quickly administers a shot. He does the same with the other puppy and once again successfully gives the puppy its shot without it noticing.

"Distraction is actually one of the most powerful tools available to anyone working with animals," the caption on Dr. Evan Antin's video read. "And not just food distractors."

The caption continued and explained the ways he used distraction as a way to work with different animals, including trimming an animal's nails during a bath and allowing cats in an exam room to look around to take in new sights, sounds and smells.

Reddit commenters applauded the veterinarian for his tactic and some wrote that they've seen the method work themselves.

"My girl's pup had to get a urinalysis done and I was shocked that they just distract the dog with cheese whiz and just directly draw from the bladder via syringe," a commenter wrote. "They really are food-driven eh?"

A pet owner commented that distracting their cat is how they administer her insulin.

One Reddit user wrote that they once worked as a veterinarian assistant, and they were "amazed" by how much work can be done to an animal with little to no reaction.

"I think pain is hugely amplified by the knowledge and anticipation of what is happening," they suggested.

Another Redditor noted that because going to the veterinarian may be stressful for animals, they were "glad" the puppies were "consolable" with some food.

"Good on ya for making their time easier," they commented.

Puppy Vet
A viral video showing a veterinarian's technique to administer vaccines to puppies without them noticing resurfaced on Reddit. Above, a stock image of a Siberian husky puppy getting examined by a veterinarian. SerhiiBobyk/iStock

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