Soft Rottweiler Caring for Kitten Melts Hearts Online: 'Great Babysitter'

A Rottweiler has melted hearts after heartwarming footage of her caring for a kitten went viral on social media.

The adorable dog, named Maggie, was filmed tenderly picking up the kitten from the arm of the sofa, as the animal's mother watched on, before carrying it to the sofa in her mouth and gently grooming the baby animal.

Sharing the video to TikTok, Marie Parkinson, thought to be from the United Kingdom, wrote: "Rottweilers are vicious? I don't think so, mine is so soft."

The clip has been viewed 2.3 million times and racked up over 250,000 likes and over 5,000 comments, with users calling the footage "beautiful" and saying Rottweilers are often "misunderstood" as a breed.


rottweilers are vicious, I don't think so mine Is so soft xx

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"If mama cat was in the slightest bit worried she would have been immediately throwing paws. She knows Rottie is a great babysitter," one user commented.

Another user wrote: "No animal is vicious; it depends how they have been treated and brought up from babies."

"They may be big and burly looking but they are big softies and loving. I love Rottweilers," said a third user.

A fourth said: "What a beautiful scene!!! such tenderness!...Beautiful. Rottweilers like a lot of dogs are misunderstood."

Rottweiler and kitten
Rottweiler and kitten. A Rottweiler has melted hearts after heartwarming footage of her caring for a kitten went viral on social media. iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Rottweilers are thought to descend from herding dogs in ancient Rome, used to herd livestock and march along with the army, plus guarding the regiment's money by carrying it inside a bag tied to their necks.

A male Rottweiler will stand from 24 to 27 muscular inches at the shoulder. Having originally been bred as guard dogs, they have a reputation for being aggressive attack dogs.

However, according to the American Kennel Club, while the breed has potential to be territorial, a well-bred and properly trained Rottweiler will be calm and confident, but not unduly aggressive.

According to dog trainer Amanda Gagnon, the most effective way to discipline a puppy is to reward them when they show desirable behavior, rather than reprimand them when they exhibit problematic behavior.

She previously told Newsweek: "Someone might want to know how to discipline their dog when he barks at the sound of the doorbell. To improve that problem, we should reward the dog for responding quietly to the sound of a doorbell. That's what training is all about."

Dr. Christian Broadhurst, a senior veterinarian at nonprofit clinic Clay Humane, agreed punitive reactions to bad behavior aren't necessary while training a dog and cause anxiety and aggression when used incorrectly.

"With puppies, all they want is your attention 24/7, so the way we punish puppies is by taking away your attention whenever they do something you don't like," he previously told Newsweek.

"If you're playing with your puppy and they bite you on the hand, the first thing to do is stop playing with the puppy and they'll make the connection that when they bite the playtime goes away."