Adorable Video of Beaver Carrying Veggies Back to Its Home Has Internet in Stitches

An adorable video that showed a beaver struggling to carry vegetables back to its home has resurfaced, and the internet can't stop cracking jokes.

The video was shared on Monday in Reddit's "Aww" forum, which is dedicated to "things that make you go AWW! Like puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on," according to the forum description. Already, the post has received more than 60,000 votes and over 900 comments.

In the minute-long clip, a beaver can be seen walking with a carrot in its mouth, and a head of cabbage clutched in its front paws. The person who posted the video, Redditor u/HiItsLust, said that the beaver was carrying a head of lettuce; however, commenters came to the consensus that it was actually holding onto a head of cabbage.

Regardless, the video showed the beaver attempting to take the food back to its home while it rains, but the creature keeps dropping the cabbage onto the ground. The beaver stops to grab the cabbage each time and continues on its journey.

At the end of the video, it appeared the beaver neared a body of water, likely where its beaver lodge was located.

According to the National Park Service (NPS), beavers build dams so that they have a safe space to build their beaver lodges.

"A beaver lodge is built out of twigs, sticks, rocks, and mud, and has an underwater entrance [beavers are very good swimmers!]. Inside their lodge, beavers have a safe place to sleep, raise their babies, stay warm in winter, and hide from predators," explained NPS.

Of course, dams don't just provide protection for beavers. They also provide habitats for other animals, and "help control soil erosion and reduce flooding," said the NPS.

As previously mentioned, the video was re-posted, though its exact origins aren't entirely clear. In August, the video went viral in another Reddit forum called "Eye Bleach." That post, which is still live, has received more than 130,000 votes.

Twitter user @politicalplayer also tweeted the video in August.

One commenter in the Reddit forum claimed that the video was posted by the Oregon Zoo. But, other sources said that the video was first published by ASO Farm Land, a "health promotion park," in Japan.

While the video cannot be found on either business's social media pages, multiple videos on ASO Farm Land's Instagram page showed a beaver walking along the same path while carrying produce.

In one video that was posted to ASO Farm Lan's page in January, a beaver is shown carrying a carrot and cabbage. In another video posted in October, a beaver can be seen carrying a carrot and an apple.

Redditors loved the video, and couldn't help but draw parallels between this beaver and shopping day.

"That's like me refusing to do a second trip to the car," wrote u/kiddsky.

"When you forget to bring a bag to the supermarket," responded u/MaryroseTrout.

"Me every time I drop by Aldi 'for just a couple things,'" said u/fritzbitz.

"Everyone when they go to the store to get one thing and don't grab a cart," added u/dearmortality76.

Redditor u/S-Markt joked: "ten cents for a bag? do I look like Rockefeller?"

An adorable video that shows a beaver struggling to carry vegetables back to its home has resurfaced. Numerous commenters likened the scene to their own shopping struggles. Jillian Cooper/istock

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