Adorable Video of Buffalo Saving Stuck Tortoise Viewed 7 Million Times

A recent video, showing a heartwarming moment between two very different species, has gone viral on TikTok. Since it was shared earlier this week, the clip has generated 7 million views, 1.4 million likes and over 10,000 comments.

The TikTok, found here, features a water buffalo and tortoise in what appears to be a zoo enclosure. Though they make an unlikely duo, the buffalo didn't hesitate to intervene upon finding the distressed tortoise flipped over onto its back.

As noted by Tortoise Owner, an online resource for all things tortoise-related, flipping over can pose a significant danger to the heavy, slow-moving creatures—especially if they're outside on a hot day. "A tortoise is likely to die on its back if it's left out in the sun," explains the site. "In this case, the tortoise is in danger because of overheating."

This week, a tortoise went viral on TikTok after it was saved by a heroic water buffalo. Above, sulcata tortoise roaming at the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum in Singapore. THEODORE LIM/AFP/Getty Images

In the brief video, shared by TikToker @manaskamran, viewers first see a water buffalo using its horns to nudge something on the ground. Upon further inspection, it becomes clear that the mammal is trying to turn over a tortoise that somehow landed on its back.

Meanwhile, the shouts and whoops of onlookers are heard in the background. "Oh my god," say several voices off camera.

After a few nudges, the buffalo manages to flip the tortoise upright—and the audience erupts in cheers. "You got it, dude!" yells one bystander to the mammal.

"OKAY NATURE GO OFF," wrote @manaskamran in the video's caption.

Viewers flocked to the comments section to praise the buffalo—and remark on its apparent sense of satisfaction after saving the turtle.

"He looks so proud after," said @lilsuzieverttt about the buffalo.

"I loved how you guys hyped him up and he was feeling it!" echoed @notmytype100.

"What a distinguished gentleman," noted @apuppetsdream.

Some, like @officialfunfoods, even joked that the stunt was merely "an act." "They do this for the tourists," they wrote.

Others shared their amazement at the instance of interspecies solidarity. "Why does nature take better care of nature and animals take better care of other animals than people take of people?" pondered @_girlinterrupted.

Wrote @zieglermonster: "I wanna see the Pixar movie about the turtle and buffalo in the zoo."

"There are PEOPLE who won't even flip the turtle back over," added @themadwitchh. "Let that sink in. Animals are too good for us."

"This made me tear up!" echoed @meghanmccarthy. "Everything about this is what I want the world to be."

Newsweek has contacted @manaskamran for additional comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.