Adorable Video Shows Lions Playing in Thick Snow at Denver Zoo

Frostbite was the last thing on the minds of the Denver Zoo lions caught on camera braving the Colorado snow.

Denver witnessed its fourth-biggest blizzard since records began at the weekend, with more than 27 inches recorded at Denver International Airport.

The sheer scale of the snowfall has forced Denver Zoo to temporarily close its doors to the public, but it has managed to keep its followers and the internet's legions of animal fans entertained by posting a heart-warming video of its lions frolicking on the icy blankets.

"After our keepers got the lion's share of a workout making Benson Predator Ridge safe for our lions, hyenas, and African wild dogs, a couple of our residents felt brave enough to inspect their surroundings," Denver Zoo wrote in the video's caption.

"In Africa, lions spend most of their day trying to find ways to keep cool, so surprisingly, our lions love the snow as they can be as active as they want without overheating! And if they catch a chill, they have heated rocks to lounge on and heated bedrooms waiting when they need them."

The unlikely sight has been an instant sensation on social media, with the footage racking up tens of thousands of views on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Denver Zoo says that all of its African lions were "American born and raised." One of them, Tobias, may be used to the sub-zero temperatures that have gripped Colorado in recent days, having grown up in Buffalo.

Snowfall, of course, is a regular occurrence in the Mile High City, and Denver Zoo tends to delight its fans on an annual basis by posting footage of some of its more exotic inhabitants navigating the snow—some more successfully than others.

Due to the 🥶🧊⛄ weather, Denver Zoo is opening today 2/4 at NOON. For updates, please visit As for our African lions—who are quite the fans...

"As for our African lions—who are quite the fans of this weather—they're sitting pretty on their heated rocks," Denver Zoo wrote in a post in February 2020, which proves that it isn't just the maned lions that enjoy the cold.

"While their wild counterparts may encounter the rare snow in South Africa, our lion groups have the best of both worlds: access to heated spaces, and the freedom to explore the changes in their outdoor environments."

We’ve gotten a whole lot of snow lately and one question we keep getting is how Tatu likes the snow, so here's a #TBT to his first day out on the powder....

Another video, posted in November 2019, shows one of the zoo's young cubs playing in the snow with its sister.

"We've gotten a whole lot of snow lately and one question we keep getting is how Tatu likes the snow, so here's a #TBT to his first day out on the powder. It should be no surprise that this ever-playful cub has been having a blast!" Denver Zoo wrote.

"When it's this cold, we give him the chance to go back and forth from his warm bedroom to the fun-but-frosty yards, but as you can see he just has a blast goofing off with big sister Kamara. Now that he's older, he's joined his family in the regular Predator Ridge rotation, which means sometimes he'll be behind the scenes while our other groups enjoy the outdoor yards."

Two lions running through snow
A stock image shows a pair of lions in the snow, unrelated to those at Denver Zoo. A video showing a group of lions playing in thick snow in Colorado has been an instant hit on social media.