Adriana Kuch's Brother Says School Chief Should Resign After Her Death

The brother of 14-year-old Adriana Kuch, who took her own life following alleged bullying at a New Jersey school, has called for the superintendent of the local school board to resign over his reaction to her death.

Kuch was attacked by four girls at Central Regional High School on February 1, during which she was repeatedly kicked and punched whilst onlookers filmed the assault.

According to her father Michael Kuch, the bullying then continued online with footage of the assault being shared on social media to mock and belittle his daughter.

One of the girls who recorded the attack allegedly sent Kuch a text making fun of her for "dripping blood" and having her "a** whooped." Kuch went on to take her own life on February 3.

Four girls have been charged over the attack on Kuch, with one facing allegations of aggravated assault, a second charged with harassment and the final two with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault.

Speaking to NewsNation reporter Brian Entin, who was filling in for Chris Cuomo, Adriana's brother Jacob described his sister's death as "devastating" before calling on the school board's superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides to resign.

He said: "I would like to see the school administration take action. They didn't take action at the beginning of this. They dragged their feet, they only punished one of the girls on day one. I've seen various stories where they said all four girls were suspended on that first day, they were not. Only one girl was suspended.

"The other three girls just got to go back to class and then later after that Adriana went home and she was just getting bullied online, their parents didn't take away their phones."

In the wake of Adriana's death Parlapanides claimed on Facebook there are "two sides to every story" after a parent posted about the attack on Kuch and said she'd never send her children to Central Regional High School.

He also told that the school had offered his daughter counselling "for drugs."

Parlapanides said: "We offered her drug rehab and mental services on five occasions, but the father refused every time."

Michael hit back, telling the publication that "I don't know how to respond to this insane deflection." Referring to Parlapanides the father added: "This guy is a piece of s***."

Speaking about Parlapanides' comments in the wake of the incident, her brother Jacob told NewsNation: "I think it's devastating how they were allowed to continue on and I think the superintendent should resign for his comments. We just buried her and he's online making all these claims. I would really like to see him resign because we just buried her and he's online trying to defend his actions."

Newsweek has contacted the superintendent's office asking for comment.

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Stock photograph of an American school bus
Stock photograph of a New York school bus in Pasadena, California. Adriana Kuch took her own life two days after being badly beaten at school. David McNew/GETTY