Advertising: For Want Of A Nail, The Car Commerci

It begins with a metal cog rolling down a plank, which nudges a second cog, then a third, which tumbles off the plank, then knocks loose a giant bolt, which clips the end of a pipe, which rotates and plinks a series of screws... Two minutes later, after a staggering, Rube Goldbergian chain reaction involving 85 car parts and no trick photography, a Honda Accord wagon rolls off a ramp, ending one of the coolest car commercials ever made. Too bad you'll never see it. At least not on TV. Honda's "Cog," created by Wieden + Kennedy, is a hit in Britain and has become a Web sensation in the United States. (Watch it here: But because the model is sold only in Britain, Honda has no plans to air the ad stateside. Apparently, we're also not smart enough to get it. Co-creator Ben Walker of W+K says a Honda honcho told him that it "doesn't say enough for U.S. viewers." But even us ignorant Yanks know an amazing ad when we see one. "Cog" took 606 takes to nail. We can't count that high, but it sure sounds like a lot.