Aerial Footage of Superior, Colorado Fire Shows 'Horrifying' Scale of Devastation

An aerial view of the fire engulfing Boulder County, Colorado, has gone viral on social media.

The video was recorded from a plane and showed multiple areas glowing orange as smoke rose into the sky. The video has so far been viewed over 380,000 times.

The video was shared on Twitter and described by former Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman as "horrifying".

The woman who originally posted the footage , Gretchen Rosenberg, captioned the video: "My son flew back to Seattle this evening. Here is a video he took of the Superior/Louisville fires from the plane at 5pm.

"Our hearts go out to our neighbors in the fire's path and the first responders working to save their homes and businesses."

She also tweeted about a foundation her company has to help those in need.

She tweeted: "Our company's foundation, the Kentwood Cares Foundation, was created to take care of our neighbors in times of need.

"We'll be contributing to fire victims in an impactful way. Feel free to contribute if you'd like to help and thank you."

Residents in Boulder County have been told to evacuate their homes and head to evacuation safe zones due to the ferocity of the wildfires.

The Boulder Office of Emergency Management has also advised residents to be cautious and not return to their homes.

In a tweet the Office wrote: "Residents who evacuated/have property in evacuation zones, please do not return to the area.

"We know that you are concerned about your home/belongings. First responders are working non-stop to keep everyone safe, even as they don't know the status of their own homes in the area."

Colorado Governor Jared Polis retweeted this message and also issued his own message of caution.

He tweeted: "Don't head towards the fires looking to see them.

"We are getting reports of clogged roads from onlookers. Also, it's very dangerous.

"Stay clear of the areas with fires and let our firefighters and first responders do their work."

Some of the blazes caused in the area were sparked by downed power lines and powerful winds.

The first fire is believed to have erupted just before 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. It was "attacked pretty quickly and laid down later in the day and is currently being monitored" according to Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle.

He added a second wildfire began at 11 a.m. and "ballooned and spread rapidly east"

He added: "This is the kind of fire we can't fight head-on. "We actually had deputy sheriffs and firefighters in areas that had to pull out because they just got overrun."

A Louisville firefighter walks through the smoke and haze after a fast moving wildfire swept through the area in the Centennial Heights neighborhood of Louisville, Colorado on December 30, 2021. Some of the blazes caused in the area were sparked by downed power lines and powerful winds. Marc Piscotty/Getty