AEW Double or Nothing Live Results: Who Won in Las Vegas

The time has come for the debut of All Elite Wrestling.

Double or Nothing is the first show with the AEW branding and will bring a lot of the best wrestlers from the independent scene together in front of a sold out crowd at the MGM Grand Ballroom in Las Vegas.

Nine matches are confirmed for this pay-per-view with one title and two number one contenders to become the first AEW Champion on the line. It was confirmed this week that the winner of the Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega match will go on to face the winner of the Casino Battle Royal.

There are 21 wrestlers entering in the Battle Royal and not all of them have been confirmed, so it'll be interesting to see how AEW books this match. It'll be especially interesting to see how it's booked since the Casino Battle Royal will be on the pre-show called, The Buy In.

The lone title match is for the AAA Tag Team Championships. The Young Bucks - Matt and Nick Jackson - go into Double or Nothing as champs after defeating the Lucha Brothers in their home country. Pentagon and Fenix look to recapture their titles and prove they are the best tag team in the world.

A lot is expected to go down at Double or Nothing and here's up-to-the-minute updates and results from the show.

aew double or nothing live results winners


Casino Battle Royal

  • The final four were Adam Hangman Page (who came out at #21), Luchasaurus, Jimmy Havoc, and MJF.
  • Luchasaurus eliminates Jimmy Havoc, Page eliminates Luchasaurus. MJF comes from behind Page and thinks he eliminates Hangman but Adam hangs on. Page goes back in and eliminates MJF to win the Battle Royal and become the first number one contender to become the first AEW Champion.

Kip Sabian vs Sammy Guevara

  • Sabian wins via pinfall

SCU vs Strong Hearts

  • Before the match, SCU begins their "this is the worst town" schtick and says this is the start of a new era.
  • Christopher Daniels wins for SCU after a pinfall.

Kylie Rae vs Nyla Rose vs Britt Baker vs Awesome Kong

  • Before the match, Brandi Rhodes comes out and brings out Awesome Kong to make the match a Fatal Fourway
  • Britt Baker wins via pinfall on Kylie Rae

Best Friends vs Angelico and Jack Evans

  • Best Friends win via pinfall after a tag team combination move
  • After the match, the lights go out and Evil Uno and Stu Grayson come out and decimate both teams.

Easy as 1-2-SMASH! @EvilUno @stu_dos #AEWDoN


— TDE Wrestling (@tde_wrestling) May 26, 2019

Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki and Emi Sakura vs Hikaru Shida, Riho Abe and Ryo Mizunami

  • Team Shida wins.

Cody vs Dustin

  • Before the match, Cody comes out on a throne that has skulls and looks a lot like something Triple H would come out in. Brandi Rhodes finds a sledgehammer and Cody breaks the throne.
  • Brandi is inserting herself in the match and even hits Dustin with a spear when the referee throws her out of the match. Brandi refused to leaves when DDP comes out and carries her to the back.
  • Cody wins via pinfall after a Crossroads
  • After the match, Cody gets back in the ring and tells his brother that he doesn't get to retire here. Cody asks Dustin to team with him at the next show in Jacksonville to take on The Young Bucks. Cody says he doesn't need a partner, or a friedn he needs his older brother. The two hug it out and the match is set.

AEW Championship Unveiling

  • Jack Whitehall introduces Bret Hart who comes out and brings out Hangman Adam Page. MJF comes out and says that he's the future of this company and a horse can't be. He says that no matter how fast or strong a horse is, if they have a bad leg they become useless and put them down.
  • MJF says that Page should relinquish his title shot because he won by a fluke. He starts to mock Bret Hart when Page tries to hit MJF. MJF starts to walk to the back but is stopped by Jungle Boy. Jimmy Havoc comes out next and he, Jungle Boy and Page beat down on MJF.
  • Hart shows the AEW Championship

.@BretHart displaying the new #AEW World Title designed by @DaveMillican #AEWDoN

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEWrestling) May 26, 2019

The Young Bucks (c) vs The Lucha Bros - AAA Tag Team Championship Match

  • Matt pins Fenix after a Meltzer Driver

Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega

  • Jericho wins via pinfall after the Judas Effect
  • After the match, Jericho gets on the mic and says that AEW is not a company for the fans, it's for him. He says he's the reason why AEW and Double or Nothing is successful. He says he wants a thank you.
  • Jon Moxley - formerly known as Dean Ambrose - comes down from the crowd and hits Jericho and the ref with a Dirty Deeds. He then goes after Omega, but Kenny fights back and the two go to the ramp. Moxley hits Omega with the Dirty Deeds.