Joseph Torres, Afghan Vet, Shot Dead in Orlando on Daughter's 4th Birthday

The Orlando Police Department has arrested a former U.S. Marine for the killing of Joseph Torres, 34, a military veteran who served in Afghanistan and was the father of three young children.

Torres was shot dead while walking through a crowd in downtown Orlando on Sunday. The fatal shooting took place on his daughter's 4th birthday.

According to police, Torres had bought a dress for his daughter's birthday but was never able to give it to her.

The suspect, 25-year-old Shaun Engram, who was arrested Wednesday, was in the Marines for over three years, Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon said at a news conference Thursday.

Police said Engram had a concealed weapons permit and a minimal criminal history.

Orlando police responded to the incident, which happened at around 2:30 a.m. local time at the intersection of Orange Avenue and Central Boulevard after gunshots were heard in the area.

Torres was shot four times—three of which struck him, while the fourth hit his cellphone—and he was found dead at the scene.

According to a video of the incident reviewed by Orlando police, Torres and his friend were in the area getting some empanadas (baked pastries) when they walked through a group of people "without any problem," Orlando police detective Teresa Sprague said.

She said that as Torres approached a second group of people, Engram blocked the path, telling him he couldn't pass through.

"Some words were exchanged, very minimum words were exchanged, this whole thing popped off in a matter of seconds," Sprague noted.

Rolon said: "Someone in a group was offended by it. In the process, others in the group began beating Mr. Torres and as he was trying to get away the original instigator shot him multiple times."

According to police, Torres did not know Engram. "No connection between the two except you have one individual who felt empowered to take the life of another individual," Rolon said.

Sprague said the pair did not know each other "until that moment" and that she does not know whether Engram "was looking for a fight" that night.

"You want to say, 'Well, something must have happened.' It didn't because all this was, which is mind-boggling to me, [was] this father of three lost his life but survived Afghanistan," said Sprague, who noted Torres died on his 4-year-old daughter's birthday.

Rolon said incidents such as the latest are also occurring in other major cities across the country.

He warned: "These are individuals, some without, in this case in particular, without a criminal history that is significant or concerning, right?

"So, I think the bigger question is, 'What is driving some individuals to take these type of actions against others?" he added.

The shooting investigation is "not over," Rolan said, adding there may be additional charges pending.

Miami Beach crowds March 2021
Crowds seen on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida in March. A former Afghanistan veteran in Florida was shot dead while walking through a crowd in downtown Orlando on Sunday. Joe Raedle/Getty Images