Is the 'Infinity War' Ending Exactly What 'Agents of SHIELD' Needs?

The impact of Avengers: Infinity War is particularly interesting when it comes to the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD. This year, we got a more direct reference to the events of the MCU, but there's still room for the ABC series to establish a deeper connection. Once you mention Thanos by name, it's hard not follow up with the same ending from the movie. But that ending might actually be how Agents of SHIELD resolves the season, preventing the dismal future we saw in the Season 5 premiere where Earth no longer exists.

Spoilers for Infinity War and Agents of SHIELD ahead. This article is purely speculation.

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How will the 'Agents of SHIELD' season 5 finale address the Thanos thing? ABC

In the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD, Air Force General Talbot becomes a character known in the series as Destroyer of Worlds. Filling his veins with gravitonium, a rare element with unknown properties, he saves the agents from a vicious alien attack. The gravitonium infusion gave him immense powers, including flight, strength and the ability to crush anyone who stands in his way into a ball of bones with the flick of a few fingers. With Agent Coulson in tow, he flies to a Kree ship to confront a mysterious alien alliance known as The Confederacy. Unbeknownst to SHIELD, the group made a deal with HYDRA to protect humanity from Thanos in exchange for Gravitonium and Inhumans.

This alone presents an interesting concept: HYDRA and The Confederacy might have known Thanos was coming. But HYDRA didn't realize they were getting played all along. The Confederacy knew very well no matter what they did, Thanos would go ahead with his plan: eliminate 50 percent of all life in the universe, including some of our favorite heroes. The Confederacy wanted to get the resources they needed from Earth before the planet went to shit. If all HYDRA did know about Thanos all along, this provides some context for the organization's motives to overthrow SHIELD, dominate Earth, conduct wild experiments with the Scepter and pursue their peculiar interest in Inhumans in films like The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron.

Looking ahead toward the final two episodes of Agents of SHIELD, and perhaps the finale of the series if it is not renewed, the show still has to address the whole Thanos thing further. Daisy mentioned "weird stuff happening on Earth" in the episode prior, probably referencing the battle on Wakanda. Combined with the firm Thanos mention when Talbot met The Confederacy for the first time, it's hard to believe the series will ignore the massive number of disappearances at the end of Infinity War. When will they address it? Hopefully sooner than later, and it could be the catalyst for either how Earth is destroyed, but at this point most likely how it is saved.

There's an infinite number of ways this could play out. It's possible Talbot, who has been mentally unstable since getting hurt this season, will see his family disappear. Perhaps that could spark a tantrum that causes him to destroy Earth. Perhaps, the destruction of Earth comes from a battle between Quake and Talbot. Another, maybe Talbot is dissolved, but his gravitonium explodes out of his body in the process, causing Earth's demise. Or maybe, Agent of SHIELD just gets really lucky and Talbot just disappears, no problem. This would be quite ironic, as Thanos killing half the Avengers would have actually saved Earth from being 100 percent destroyed and uninhabitable. Our Agents have been working to prevent the dismal future they saw in the Season 5 premiere and Thanos being the unlikely savior would be a funny way to end it all. Of course, all of this speculation depends on the Destroyer of Worlds being the cause of Earth's destruction. If Earth is blown to pieces because of something or someone the agents have not encountered yet, we're in for a helluva finale twist.

How do you think Agents of SHIELD Season 5 will end? Do you think a huge Thanos connection would be a cop out? Let us know in the comments.