6 Cliffhangers to Remember for 'Agents of SHIELD' Season 6

They went to Tahiti and it was a magical place

The Agents of SHIELD Season 5 finale, "The End," is actually more like a beginning. The team is pretty much back where they started earlier this year... with a few devastating changes. Major spoilers for the Agents of SHIELD finale ending ahead!

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Yup, you guessed it. There are most certainly spoilers in this article. Marvel

The centipede serum debacle concluded unexpectedly even though the future version of Yo-Yo predicted the team would face a tough choice. Nobody realized that choice would be between saving Coulson or saving the world. In "The End," May destroys the Kree vial of odium Fitz-Simmons needed to mix with the centipede serum to kill Talbot. Now without the Odium, saving Coulson with the centipede serum was the only option.

Or so the team thought. Coulson pulled a Yoda and tricked the team into believing he treated himself with the serum. Instead, he hid it inside Daisy's gear. She used the centipede serum, which enhanced her powers enough to send Talbot flying into space. The future where Earth is torn apart by 'The Destroyer of Worlds' is subsequently erased. Perhaps more importantly, the Agents of SHIELD finale proved timelines can be altered in the Marvel universe.

So, what's in store for Agents of SHIELD Season 6? Here are the biggest cliffhangers of the Season 5 finale you need to remember for next year.

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How will the 'Agents of SHIELD' season 5 finale address the Thanos thing? ABC

Is Fitz dead?

Saving the world did not come without sacrifice. Fitz was crushed under a building when Daisy gave the final blow to Talbot (now known by the world as Graviton) in Chicago. The good news? One version of Fitz is dead, one version of Fitz is alive. Since there is a Fitz frozen in the past, SHIELD plans to find him next season. To clarify, the Fitz who came back from the future is the dead Fitz. Since the frozen Fitz is the version from much earlier in the season, he will have no knowledge of marrying Jemma and have no idea he saved the world.

If you need an extra refresher to wrap your mind around this, go back to the Season 5 premiere episode. Remember how Fitz was not sent to the future in space via Kree monolith like the rest of the team? In the diner, Enoch (a kind alien, anthropologist) took everyone except Fitz to space in an effort to prevent a dismal future where Earth gets destroyed. Meanwhile, Fitz was on Earth trying to figure out where everyone went. He eventually meets Enoch, who puts him in a cryofreeze chamber to catch up with the team in the year of 2091.

With Fitz, the agents then travel back to the present. So essentially even though they went back to the future, that was their present. In Fitz's case, he didn't disappear from the original present timeline (in the Season 5 premiere) like the rest of the team did. He stayed in the timeline while in Enoch's freeze, meaning that since the agents created a new timeline where the world is not cracked in half, the old Fitz from the cracked in half timeline is still alive and well in space, frozen. Since that future has been averted, they can just unthaw this Fitz early, reuniting him with Jemma.

Think of it this way — when the agents went back to the present after being in 2091, Fitz was technically in two places at once: frozen in space and with the team. If they can find him, it won't affect the timeline anymore.

Where is Deke?

He's gone. Jemma walked into Deke's old room to find it spotless, with no personal belongings. Technically, we still don't know if Deke disappeared or just left because nothing was shown on-screen. However, Jemma and Fitz's theory all season was that if they changed the future successfully, Deke would disappear from the present timeline. Deke being gone seems to be proof Jemma and Fitz were right.

Deke's situation raises an interesting question, though: how is Marvel going to define time travel? One school of thought holds that changes to time wouldn't affect Deke being in the present. Since they all traveled back from a future that now won't happen, Deke may still be around. The new present could be thought of as an alternate universe, from the moment Coulson gave Daisy the centipede serum. Season 6 will need to clarify the rules of time travel.

Is Coulson coming back?

Right now, Coulson is chilling in Tahiti with May (Tahiti is a reference to Project TAHITI, the Kree experiments that kept Couson alive after Loki murdered him in The Avengers). Jemma says he may only have a few days to live. The general rule is if you don't see someone die on screen, they aren't dead yet. While we can't say Coulson is coming back for sure, for all intents and purposes, he's not dead. The good news is that we will see Clark Gregg in Captain Marvel, set to hit theaters in March. The film will show Coulson's chronologically earliest appearance in the Marvel Universe, as it takes place in the 1990s, before the events of Iron Man.

Who is the new SHIELD director?

Mack is the new director of SHIELD. Coulson appointed Daisy, but the role was weighing on her. She realized she wasn't ready, and used her power as leader to put Mack in charge before the battle against Graviton. Coulson ultimately approves of the decision, noting, "I couldn't have said it better myself." What changes, if any, will Mack make to SHIELD and will he and Yo-Yo be able to rekindle their romance?

What's in the Letter?

"I left you something in your bunk. A letter. Nothing fancy. It basically just says how proud I am of you. I am so proud," Coulson tells Daisy when saying his final goodbyes. Are there SHIELD secrets in that letter? A secret phone number for Nick Fury or the Avengers? Will the centipede serum permanently affect Daisy's powers, and might the letter contain some reference to that?

Does the finale connect to Infinity War?

The Agents of SHIELD finale does not connect to Infinity War in any way, though the episodes leading up to the finale did make references to Thanos and the impending battle of Wakanda. There's been no confirmation Agents of SHIELD 's characters will suffer the fate of the Avengers, though we do know Thanos has not snapped his fingers at this point in the show's timeline. SHIELD is not off the hook just yet.

Any questions after the Agents of SHIELD Season 5 finale? Sound off in the comments. Next season arrives in summer 2019.