'AGT: The Champions' Episode 6 Results & Recap - Susan Boyle, Deadly Games & More Kick Off Finals Week. Who Made It Through?

America's Got Talent: The Champions returns Monday night on NBC as the show enters the Finals. Golden Buzzer and America's Vote winners from previous weeks will go head-to-head for the ultimate Got Talent title.

Susan Boyle (Mel B's Golden Buzzer winner) and Deadly Games (Heidi's Golden buzzer winner) are two out of the 12 acts that will perform in the finals. Other performers include Shin Lim, Darci Lynne Farmer, Preacher Lawson, Brian Justin Crum and Cristina Ramos.

"The only way to way to win this show is to raise the bar," a voiceover said in the show's promo. "And then destroy it."

Boyle will kick off the Finals with the same song that put her on the public's radar: "I Dreamed a Dream." The 57-year-old singer first performed the Les Misérables classic during her audition on Britain's Got Talent in 2009. Her incredible performance earned her three "yes" votes from the Got Talent judges and Boyle went on to become the season's runner-up.

Deadly Games, the husband-wife danger act, first appeared on the Got Talent stage during Season 11; however, were eliminated during the Semifinals. The duo won Heidi's Golden Buzzer in Week 2, and look to perform their deadliest acts in the finals.

During this week's performance, it looks like the duo is "a little off," according to Howie. Despite Alfredo Silva mouthing "one shot" to pop two balloons held by his wife Anna, it took him knife-throwing two attempts. Alfredo also missed landing one of his knives on the wooden board his wife stood against.

It hasn't yet been determined whether these mistakes will be detrimental to Deadly Games' chances of the ultimate title.

Cristina Ramos

The opera, rock singer kicked off the show with her rendition of Blondie's 1980 classic "Call Me."

"Even though I knew you were gonna turn into this crazy rock chick, I still didn't expect it," Mel B said. "The combo is killer and brilliant!"

"That was another 'wow' performance," Heidi added. "There are notes in there that I've never heard before!"

"Tonight is going to be impossible. You just set a bar, you opened up the show amongst winners. You are already a star," Howie complimented.

"That vocal was insanely good," Simon said. "My biggest buzz is when I discovered a star for the first time."

Preacher Lawson

"It isn't easy to be funny," Preacher Lawson began his promo leading up to his performance. "There are plenty of comedians out there that are funnier than me, but they are not willing to work as hard."

Lawson brought the house down throughout his bit. Starting off with his lack of interest in alcohol to the differences in workouts between men and women, the comedian ended his performance with roars of applause and without a shirt.

"Everything about you has gotten better," Simon noted.

"I'm so proud that a comedian has made it this far," Howie added.

Darci Lynne

The 14-year-old ventriloquist returned to the Got Talent stage as a Wildcard stage. Darci Lynne and Petunia quickly gave Ramos a run for her opera money with their rendition of "O Mio Babbino Caro."

The young performer received a standing ovation after what was described by Simon as "her best performance."

"It's hard enough to sing opera," Simon continued. "But you are doing it through a rabbit ... I think you might win tonight."

"You have worked so hard. You deserve everything and much, much more," Mel B added.


Gleaming in a flowy white dress, Kechi returned to the Got Talent stage after winning Simon's Golden Buzzer. Singing the song "Opportunity," the 29-year-old sent chills throughout the auditorium.

"There's one word that comes back to me to describe you, and that's 'inspiration," Simon said. "You are one of my favorite contestants; The Champions final would not be complete without you."

"You make my heart burst," Howie said. "I think you do that to everyone in America."

"This song, for me, we lost you a bit," Mel B said as Simon interjected, "don't do that."

As the crowd roared in boo's, Simon added, "I don't think you're booing loud enough."

In defense of Mel B, Kechi responded with: "I always appreciate honesty, regardless of how it's like or how it is delivered."

Brian Justin Crum

After describing the outlet music provided for him as a child, Brian Justin Crum said he was "back to [his] roots," for Monday's show-stopping performance. With a theatrical background, it was only fitting for Crum to perform a song from the hit movie The Greatest Showman.

That was massive! What I like about you is that you take us somewhere—you start off small and get big," Mel B noted. "That's how you deliver a proper slam dunk, in my opinion."

"You've come back to prove to us that you are a champion," Simon noted. "I believe this performance may change your life."

Jon Dorenbos

As the second wild card performance, magician Jon Dorenbos shocked audiences as he had performances from season's past predict the outcomes of Monday's performance.

He left judges puzzled and the audience on their feet.

"You're so entertaining, you're so good," Heidi said.

"You've come back and totally blown the roof off," Simon added. "You have a shot."

"I'm stunned. There are only two words that describe you tonight, and that's 'wild' and 'card,'" Howie concluded.

Angelica Hale

Despite becoming the first person to win two Golden Buzzers, Angelica Hale will not slow down in making her mark in the competition.

The 11-year-old sang her rendition of "Impossible," and showed a vocal range of a mature singer.

"You're living up to your name of being an angel," Howie said. "You're only 11 years old. I don't know how the 50 states could choose a winner."

"I have to say, that was such an obvious improvement from when we last saw you," Mel B noted. "I could see how committed you were, and then how relieved you were when you knew you got everything right!"

"To me, you deserve so much respect just for doing that," Simon said. "It showed me how much you really, really wanted this."

Kseniya Simonova

The Ukrainian sand artist won Terry Crews' Golden Buzzer last week due to her immense talent in storytelling through art.

On Monday, Kseniya Simonova took the Got Talent stage and delivered a touching story. Centered around a loving couple who is torn apart by war, she completes her act with a saying: "Love always wins."

"You left everything you had on the sand," Mel B noted. "I really hope the superfans vote for you tonight."

"You really are a true artist," Heidi said. "It was really, truly amazing to watch."

"This is one of the most creative things I've seen," Simon concluded.

Paul Potts

Another opera singer rocked the Got Talent stage Monday night. Paul Potts left everything on the stage when he sang "Nessun Dorma."

"I'm not an opera fan, I'm a Paul Potts fan," Howie said. "You couldn't have done anything more to make it better. It was perfection."

"You stand there and deliver such a stellar, killer performer," Mel B complimented. "I cannot praise you anymore. You are amazing."

"The underdog was written off by the music business, won the first season of Britan's Got Talent," Simon said. "I have a feeling you a really good chance of winning after that."

Potts then took a moment to honor Neal E. Boyd, a fellow opera singer who died in June 2018.

Shin Lim

Reigning America's Got Talent champion, Shin Lim took magic to a new level during Monday's performance. While completely baffling judges and audiences, making cards disappear and reappear, the young magician simply makes you wonder, "how did he do that?"

"Shin, you did it yet again," Heidi said. "Another jaw-dropping performance."

"I don't think many people, who won the show last year, would've had the guts to come back again this year and do what you have done," Simon said. "You have my utmost respect."

No acts were eliminated Monday night and unfortunately, a winner will not be announced until next week. Tune in on NBC next Monday at 8 p.m. ET to find out who is crowned with the ultimate champion title.