Who Is Joseph Allen? Phoenix-Native Wins Howie Mandel's AGT Golden Buzzer

America's Got Talent returned for its second episode of the season Tuesday, and introduced Phoenix native Joseph Allen. With the aim of "leaving a footprint on the world," the 21-year-old wowed judges with an original song and showed what it looked like to achieve a dream.

"When was the moment that you knew you belonged right here, on America's Got Talent," host Terry Crews asked Allen backstage.

"I think the moment I started talking," he answered.

Before his performance, Allen was asked why he decided to audition, to which he answered, "I see myself as a person that can make a major impact on this world."

"I just want to see how much of a footprint I can leave on Earth before I leave," Allen added.

Toward the end of his performance, the 21-year-old could barely finish the last bar after breaking down into tears and the audiences roaring in applause.

"I feel blessed. This is crazier than I thought," Allen said, with tears streaming down his face.

"Dreams come true on this stage and I think we're seeing your dream come true," judge Gabrielle Union said.

"You've got amazing energy, I've got to tell you," judge Simon Cowell added. "I like your voice as well, I think you've got a great tone ... that was an amazing audition, I love you."

"From the moment you walked out, your smile is electric," judge Howie Mandell said. "You walked out with such exuberance ... people at home are talking about this moment, people in this room are talking about this moment."

At that moment, Mandell rose out of his seat, climbed onto the table and everyone knew what would happen next.

"You said you wanted to leave a footprint," Mandell yelled over the roar of the audience. "Well, I'm going to give you the footprint that you need."

Slamming the golden button with his foot, Mandell caused golden confetti to rain onto Allen and the crowd to jump to its feet.

"This is a moment I've dreamed of for a long time," Allen said. "This is like nothing I've ever imagined, thank you guys so much."

Find out who the next Golden Buzzer-winning performer when America's Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Joseph Allen, AGT
Joseph Allen won Howie Mandell's Golden Buzzer during 'America's Got Talent' on Tuesday, June 4. NBC/Trae Patton