Airbnb Bans Host Trying to Swindle Extra $2K From COP26 American Delegation

Airbnb has banned a host in Scotland who tried to swindle an extra $2,000 from a U.S-based delegate attending COP26.

The host demanded an additional payment each night guest Tan Copsey, a senior director with climate change monitoring company Climate Nexus, would be staying at the property.

Copsey shared the message exchange with the host on Twitter ahead of this weekend's UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) event in Glasgow.

In a post shared on Sunday, Copsey said: "Having a great time with #COP26 accommodation, this guy tried to add another $2,000 to my booking. Lovely experience all-round."

In a message Copsey shared, the supposed host said they wanted to charge an extra £70 ($96.55) for each night he stayed at the property.

Another message sent from the reported host added: "I gave you the opportunity to agree to pay an additional fee to reflect the market price for short term let's during COP26 in Glasgow.

"As you chose not to, I am canceling your booking."

But, Airbnb stepped in and said it had stopped the host from accepting other bookings for the duration of COP26.

Having a great time with #COP26 accommodation, this guy tried to add another $2000 to my booking. Lovely experience all-round.

— Tan Copsey (@tancopsey) October 24, 2021

A spokesperson for Airbnb told Newsweek: "We have zero tolerance for this behavior and have taken action against the host and blocked them from accepting other bookings during this period.

"The guest has been refunded in full and we have offered support in helping them find alternative accommodation. Airbnb is donating all its service fees for stays in Glasgow during COP26 to Zero Waste Scotland."

The spokesperson added that in certain circumstances a host can face penalties if they cancel a reservation. This includes a block on their calendar for the same dates, cancelation fees and even suspension or deactivation of their account.

While Airbnb does not set prices for the hosts' properties, the company told Newsweek the average price paid per person during COP26 is about £130 ($179.42).

Copsey added in a follow-up tweet that he had secured alternative accommodation for his stay in Glasgow.

COP26 is the first time that parties to the Paris Agreement are expected to further commit to tackling climate change.

In the U.S., President Joe Biden is working to salvage his spending deals that include child and health care, and climate change measures.

Passing the bills would give Biden an opportunity to show COP26 parties that the U.S. was committed to pursuing action on climate change, an aim for his administration.

COP26 begins on October 31 and will last until November 12.

Airbnb banned the host
Airbnb banned the host from taking bookings during COP26. In this photo, a logo of Airbnb is is displayed on a computer screen on April 20, 2020 in Katwijk, Netherlands. Yuriko Nakao/Getty