Airbnb Hosts Shockingly Claim Guest Changed Lock Code: 'Always Be Prepared'

Two Airbnb owners have claimed in a viral post that guests bizarrely changed the lock to the key box during their stay, leaving the hosts unable to access it after.

Friends Manika and Ashley run a popular TikTok account under the handle @bucketlistbestfrans, where they regularly share tips and tricks for fellow Airbnb hosts.

This time, however, the pair have gone viral after encountering an unexpected situation. "When your housekeeper arrives to clean your Airbnb and she calls to tell you she thinks the guests changed the lockbox code," they wrote.

In the caption, they added: "Over the five years of hosting, guests never cease to amaze us. We resolved the matter in minutes, all is well."

The clip showed them taking a hammer to the key's lock box, where they securely leave the key for guests to receive and leave at the end of their stay. "Tip: Never be surprised by what guests do, but always be prepared," they wrote.

Speaking to The Daily Dot, the hosting duo explained that they simply swapped the lockbox to resolve the issue, but are yet to receive a response from the guests. "We called and messaged the guest with no reply. Some cases are worth pursuing, others aren't. We didn't have proof that they changed the lock or the box was somehow malfunctioning, so we didn't pursue it (we believe it was changed and they forgot to change it back because they were able to place the key back) but we didn't proceed with any claims to Airbnb," they said.

The video left viewers bewildered by the code changing, with one asking: "Did they think they would get to keep it that way?"


Over the 5 years of hosting guests never cease to amaze us! We resolved the matter in minutes, all is well. #Airbnb #drama #DIY

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While others theorized about their motives behind it, citing safety precautions. "I think they did it as a precaution so that the owners don't just come in or come in and steal their things."

The hosts however confirmed that the code is changed for each guest and that it simply holds the key, rather than accesses the house, making it all the more puzzling. "The code is changed for each guest," they told the Daily Dot. "The lockbox is just a personal code to get the key out for the stay. The key stays with the guest."

"Let's be realistic, some people don't like to leave with the key because of the fear that they will lose the key so it makes sense to leave it in there," suggested another user.

However, this sort of problem is far from a rarity, with hosts and cleaners sharing similar experiences. " I cleaned an air bnb and the last guests changed the code. This is the 3rd time this has happened like, don't mess with stuff that's not yours," claimed a TikTok user.

The hosts summarized their thoughts in a simple comment: "Some things are beyond my comprehension."