Airbnb Plastered With 'Trump 2024' on Building Shocks Internet: 'I'd Leave'

A TikToker and her friends pulled up to their Airbnb to realize it was plastered with the wording "Trump 2024" on the side of the building, garnering shock from the internet.

The TikTok recounting the situation, captioned, "But like why didn't the reviews say anything...," has been viewed 4.2 million times and liked 833,900 times since it was shared on March 6.

The short five-second clip shared by TikToker @nickislane started with a look at the Airbnb's exterior, which featured grey outer walls with red trim.

President Donald Trump was the President of the United States from 2017 to 2021. He lost the 2021 election in an attempt to get re-elected, losing out to President Joe Biden. In a recent NBC News poll, it was found that Trump is viewed positively or favorably with 36 percent of respondents, while 50 percent have a negative and unfavorable outlook on him.

"Just pulled up to our Airbnb," the screen read in the viral clip with snow on the ground.

The outside of the home featured the words "Trump 2024" in blue, red, and white, and the words were written on the side of the building. The house also sported some other phrases like: "One nation under God!"

Some of the words were cut off by a flag flying, although "We will fight on—no fear!" was also written on the wall. Under the statement about Trump, painted directly on the house were the words, "Trust in our constitution."

The screen then flipped around to show the TikToker and her friends sitting in the car looking surprised. Some held their hands to their mouths as some of them also laughed as music played.

However, in an update, the creator of the video revealed there was a happy ending to the situation when the TikToker and her friends made new friends who were also staying at the same Airbnb.

Small grey house
An Airbnb plastered with "Trump 2024" on the building has shocked the internet in a TikTok video. Here, a small grey house. UCPAGE/GETTY

"Update: What was once a group of liberal strangers all stuck in an Airbnb owned by a Trump supporter...Turned out to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship," the screen read showing the outside of the house again.

"Note: The friends in question are not Trump supporters. None of us knew about the mural upon arrival! We were all snowed in and bonded over the mayhem," the screen continued in text overlay.

The original video played first before more content of the new friends hanging out together was shown paired with the song You've Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman.

Over 11,000 comments came in over the content, and people were genuinely shocked at the mural plastered on the home. Many disapproved of the decor choice, and they weighed in with comments.

Some people didn't mince words with their feelings. "I'd leave," a viewer said. "Not even kidding."

While other TikTokers wondered why the mural wasn't advertised. "How can they leave this out of the pictures?" a viewer mentioned.

Some viewers would have handled the situation differently. "I would of had a field day here until they told me to leave," a TikToker said.

Others wouldn't have followed through with their stay. "There's a zero percent chance I would stay at this Airbnb," a viewer revealed.

One TikToker wondered if it was a "hotel," adding in some advice. "Sleep in the car somewhere far away from there ladies!" they said. "With the doors locked! Maybe take turns driving to get the hell out of there!"

Another viewer said people need to "keep politics out of work," adding, "That's the easiest way to get a forced refund. That's really unprofessional."

However, not everyone was against the mural. "Love it," a TikToker admitted. "I'd pay extra for that place. I love folks with common sense."

Another viewer said the women should stay there, insisting, "The service will be awesome, mannerly, and worth it."

Newsweek reached out to @nickislane for comment.