'Aircraft One?': Trump Deletes Fourth of July Tweet Flubbing Name of Air Force One

President Donald Trump's Independence Day tweet included mention of "Aircraft One," a comment that left many users a bit confused. The president later deleted the tweet and replaced it with one that identified the aircraft as Airforce One.

Celebrated annually on July 4, Thursday's festivities drew more attention than previous years because of Trump's decision to host a parade, pulling funds from the National Parks Services. Criticism of Trump's event did little to lessen the president's excitement for the celebration, which he expressed in a Thursday morning tweet.

Trump posted on Twitter that people were coming from "far and wide" to join his administration for "what is turning out to be one of the biggest celebrations" in America's history. Salute to America, the name of the parade, Trump said, would be an all-day event at the Lincoln Memorial that culminated in a "large scale flyover." The grand finale would feature the "most modern and advanced aircraft anywhere in the world" and a great "to put it mildly" fireworks display.

"Perhaps even Aircraft One will do a low & loud sprint over the crowd," Trump posted on Twitter.

trump fourth of july aircraft one

The incorporation of "Aircraft One" was confusing for the president's followers, including multiple journalists who speculated that Trump was possibly referencing Air Force One, the name used for the plane transporting the president.

aircraft one?

does he mean Air Force One? https://t.co/WxcOVzatOb

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) July 4, 2019

Maybe "Aircraft One" will bring out the biggest crowds ever. Period. pic.twitter.com/XZWOWe3ghl

— Philip Crowther (@PhilipinDC) July 4, 2019

Aircraft One? https://t.co/V3HQgbM4Nf

— Jessica Taylor (@JessicaTaylor) July 4, 2019

I assume "Aircraft One" means Air Force One, which is indeed among the planes expected in the flyby.https://t.co/WGUld4SFTZ

— Josh Wingrove (@josh_wingrove) July 4, 2019

Former United States Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul wondered if Trump was unaware what his own plane was called or if there was some new plane being presented on Independence Day.

"Aircraft One"? Really, Mr. President? You don't know the name of your own plane? Or is this some new plane that you are presenting to the world today? https://t.co/vMUKEio6k7

— Michael McFaul (@McFaul) July 4, 2019

Others joked that it isn't "Aircraft One" if the president isn't on board, which is true for Air Force One. If the vice president is aboard a presidential plane, it takes on the name Air Force Two and if no one is on board, it's just referenced by its aircraft number.

It's not Aircraft One if the president's not on it. Everyone knows that pic.twitter.com/Ik1g4FBTm2

— Dave Brown (@dave_brown24) July 4, 2019

*Technically, it’s only called Aircraft One when the President is on-board https://t.co/vjCsOxAnTt

— Geoff Redick (@GeoffWSYX6) July 4, 2019

Aviation analyst Alex Macheras was also confused what the president was referencing when he said "Aircraft One" and noted that regardless of whether Trump is on board or not, the presidential plane is never called Aircraft One.

What on earth is ‘Aircraft One’?! 🤣✈️ https://t.co/P8mwVkBLIA

— Alex Macheras (@AlexInAir) July 4, 2019

It’s also worth noting that the aircraft is never ‘Aircraft One’ — with, or without the President onboard... https://t.co/OiQovLjP6L

— Alex Macheras (@AlexInAir) July 4, 2019

A few people also referenced the 1997 thriller movie Air Force One starring actor Harrison Ford. In the film, Ford portrays the role of the president and attempts to save the plane from hijackers.

I loved the movie Aircraft One with Harrison Ford. https://t.co/zx2vWYn8KS

— Yarno Ritzen (@YarnoRitzen) July 4, 2019

Get off my Aircraft One! pic.twitter.com/bYxWQPpGGZ

— Seth Masket (@smotus) July 4, 2019

The Navy's Blue Angels, an elite flight demonstration squadron, are expected to participate in the flyover, as well as, Air Force One, according to USA Today.

trump aircraft one fourth of july
President Donald Trump walks to Air Force one before departing from Joint Andrews Airforce base, Maryland on June 23, 2018. On Fourth of July, Trump tweeted about "Aircraft One" participating in the Salute to America event and quickly deleted it, amending it to read "Air Force One." Olivier Douliery / AFP/Getty