Alanis Morissette Heads to "Weeds"

You signed up for seven episodes of Weeds , which is a lot.
I'm a huge fan. I used to watch it in the back of my tour bus. We'd come offstage and people would start fading and drifting off to sleep, and I would ensconce myself in the back room and watch six episodes at a time.

What attracts you to acting?
I get to express sides of myself that I would never default to on my own. I'll read a line and think, God, I'd never say that.

How's that different from songwriting?
The acting thing uses a whole different muscle. I consider the songwriting process very feminine, and I think acting requires my masculine self, because it's very applied, willful and left-brained.

Are you writing music now?
Yes, always. And I'm working on a book.

Is it a novel?
It's kind of nonlinear. It's got some insight and some humor, anecdotes, Q&A, photos, storytelling, dialogues, essays. You could read it from cover to cover, or you could pick it up anywhere.

I know that Fergie sent you a butt-shaped cake after you did a cover of "My Humps." Did you eat it?
I had every intention of eating it, but then I had this party at my house and all my friends were putting their fingers between the cheeks, taking pictures with it. So after everyone had touched it, the butt wasn't very sanitary.