An Alarming Shooting in Seattle

Visitors to the Jewish Federation building in downtown Seattle pass through bulletproof glass doors to enter the building and then must enter a keycode to get past the lobby. Video cameras record every move. Yet a man somehow slipped in behind an approved visitor late last Friday afternoon. "I am a Muslim American," witnesses reported hearing Naveed Haq say. "I am angry at Israel." Armed with a semiautomatic handgun, Seattle police say, the 30-year-old Haq shot a receptionist, then ordered her to call 911 and rambled to an operator before shooting five more employees. Police say Haq surrendered 15 minutes later. One of his victims died; others are critically wounded.

Authorities immediately classified the shooting as a hate crime, adding to the shock in historically tolerant Seattle, where relations between Jews and Muslims have long been "cordial," says Rob Jacobs of the Anti-Defamation League. Investigators believe Haq, a Washington resident of Pakistani heritage, acted alone. Press reports said that he suffered from bipolar disorder and had recently been arrested for indecent exposure.

Last Thursday the FBI warned Jewish organizations to be on high alert, after Hizbullah leaders in Lebanon said the struggle should be carried to America. A day earlier, Jacobs told NEWSWEEK, he received an e-mail from the ADL's security office, warning of press reports in Israel that Hizbullah sleeper cells in the United States could become active. This week Jewish leaders will gather in Seattle to mourn their losses--and figure out how to protect themselves from danger much closer to home.