What an Alaskan King Bed Looks Like and How to Fit It Inside Your Home

A man has showed off his supersized bed—the nine foot long Alaskan king—as he revealed how to get the giant mattress indoors.

While most of us are familiar with the California king, there are a few sizes bigger including the Texas king, Alberta king, Wyoming king and finally the Alaskan.

Sharing a video to TikTok revealing all about his giant bed, content creator Rob Anderson revealed how he managed to do laundry with his monster sheets.

Rob explained: "So the Alaska King is the biggest standard size bed you can get. It goes twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, Texas king, Wyoming king which is 7x7, then Alaska king which is nine feet by nine feet."

For anyone eager to upgrade their bedroom, Rob claimed you need to be patient as it will take a few months for everything to arrive.

He continued: "The mattress took eight weeks, the bedframe and headboard took 10 weeks. Then the mattress protector, the duvet cover and the comforter took 12 weeks. There weren't many companies that made them, I quickly learned.

"The mattress was really easy to get in the door because it's actually in three parts. There are two bottom parts and then a top layer that all zip together. So it's actually pretty easy making the bed, I was surprised by that. It's no harder than making any other bed. And the sheets aren't as big as you think. You can fit them in the washer with your clothes."

Rob explained he wanted a change after living in a tiny 380 sq ft apartment in New York during the pandemic.

He said: "So I was coming from really small living spaces in New York and after spending all of quarantine there I just needed something big. And when I moved to LA I was like I'm just gonna get a big a** bed. So I put in a projector and now we can have fun movie nights in my bed."

While Rob didn't confirm where he bought his giant bed, company Mattress Insider sells the beastly Alaskan in three separate parts for for $3,999 - currently on sale from $5,999.

The website said: "What is the biggest bed in the world? The Alaskan King Mattress! Also known as the Alaska King Mattress, the dimensions of this super king mattress measure a staggering 9′ x 9′ (108″ x 108″). This is the equivalent of 2 full XL (54×80) size mattresses but with an extra 28″ added to the end for length. While you can find wider family beds (ex: 144″ x 84″ and 152″ x 80″), you'll have a difficult time finding anything that rivals the Alaskan King length."

If interested you'll also need a frame, which will set you back $2,999, down from $3,999, while sheets cost around $399 a pop, currently on sale from $599.

And you'll need to make sure you have a big enough space to house the bed, with the website advising you need a room at least 16ft by 16ft to fit the frame.

Rob's clip showing off his bedroom furniture has been watched more than nine million times, as TikToker Kovich Crow commented: "That's not a bed that's a wrestling ring."

Fellow user I.y.a commented: "I didn't know there was anything bigger than a California king."

Rico said: "When it gets hot u can literally take a hike to the cold part of the mattress. When I get a house I'm getting a GIANT bed."

Another, called K, pointed out: "Your bed is 9ft x 9ft and my room is 10ft x 10ft."

While GingerRich1978 thought: "Bet that's fun when you have to change the duvet cover."

And Michael Asuncion added: "I'd get tired just trying to get out of bed. That ain't a bed that's a journey."

Interior of modern bedroom with white mattress
Interior of modern bedroom with white mattress, wooden floor, armchair and small wardrobe. A man has showed off his giant Alaskan king bed which is nine feet long. ben-bryant/Getty iStock