Aleister Black's Attacker Revealed to be Johnny Gargano on NXT

The mystery attack of NXT Superstar Aleister Black was finally revealed on the Oct. 24 episode of NXT. To the surprise of some, it was Johnny Gargano.

In the final segment of the episode, General Manager William Regal came out to announce who will face Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Champion at Takeover: War Games. Ciampa interrupts him to find out who he will face for himself. Before Regal could say, Velveteen Dream interrupts him and asks Regal to announce him as the opponent.

Lars Sullivan is the next man to come out and stake a claim for the NXT Championship match. After Dream insults Sullivan, Lars attacks Velveteen when Nikki Cross comes out to warn everyone in the ring that "he's coming."

Black dismantles security backstage before coming out to the ring and hitting Lars Sullivan with a Black Mass. He grabs Regal and asks "where is he?" before Gargano superkicks the former champion. The show ends with Gargano saying "I'm right here."

johnny gargano attacks aleister black nxt
Johnny Gargano attacks Aleister Black on NXT WWE

Following last week's main event, when Black interrupted the match between Nikki Cross and Bianca Belair, the former NXT Champion asked Cross what she knew about the attack. After whispering something in his ear, Black grew visibly upset as the cameras faded to black.

Cross teased that she knew who attacked Black for weeks before NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV. NXT General Manager William Regal and the rest of the superstars didn't believe her.

Black was set to face Johnny Gargano and NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa in a Triple Threat match. The attack forced Black out of the Triple Threat (covering up for a real injury), leading to Gargano and Ciampa's No Disqualification match in the main event, with Ciampa coming out on top.

Following his loss, Gargano became more malicious and nasty in the ring, the opposite of what he once stood for. After being off television for a few weeks, it seemed Gargano was back to being Johnny "Wrestling" again.

With Gargano revealed to be Black's attacker, what does it mean for them heading into Takeover: War Games in November? Let us know if you want to see Black vs Gargano in the comments section below.