Alex Bregman's Smelly Shirt and the Washington Nationals Love for "Baby Shark": Here Are Some Superstitions in the 2019 World Series

Baseball has always been a sport known for its superstitions, but the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros have taken them to a new level as they compete in the 2019 World Series.

The Astros lost their first two games at home, but after traveling to Nationals Park in Washington D.C., they have won three straight games and are now one win away from becoming World Series champs.

After the Astros beat the Nationals 7-1 on Sunday night's game, it was noticed by many that Astros' third baseman Alex Bregman has been wearing the same shirt for the past three games.

Speaking to FS1, Bregman admitted that he hasn't washed the shirt since he intially wore it and that he plans to wear it again prior to Game 6. "You'll probably be seeing that shirt, as long as none of my teammates rip it up because it might be a little smelly," Bregman said.

Bregman's undefeated plaid shirt sparked Newsweek to look into the other type of superstitions throughout the 2019 World Series.

One of the more popular superstitions since the start of the World Series is the Nationals love for the children's song "Baby Shark," which started when Nationals' outfielder Gerardo Parra made it his walk-up song.

Parra was in a 0-for-23 batting slump when he decided to change his walk-up song to "Baby Shark," mainly due to his daughter's love for the song, according to NBC Sports.

What started as a walk-up song, has turned into a Washington Nationals anthem and fans across the stadium can be seen getting involved in the "Baby Shark" dance anytime Parra comes to the plate.

This is what it looks like when 43,867 people do "Baby Shark" at the #WorldSeries.@88_gparra // #STAYINTHEFIGHT

— Washington Nationals (@Nationals) October 26, 2019

Although the "Baby Shark" craze became more of a fan tradition, the Nationals' players have their own superstitions as well. During the National League Division Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Nationals started wearing their navy-blue alternate jerseys and the team won nine-straight before losing in Game 3 of the World Series.

The Washington Nationals are 8-0 in the #Postseason when wearing their "lucky" blue jerseys, but the good fortune in the uniform started back in the regular season #Nats #WorldSeries


— Chris Creamer's SportsLogos.Net (@sportslogosnet) October 23, 2019

After winning the past three games at Nationals Park, it seems that the Astros may have found a way to combat the navy-blue jerseys, and it may not be limited to Bregman's three-day-old plaid shirt.

Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take, asked Bregman about the weirdest superstitions in the Astros clubhouse. "I think [Josh] Reddick might have the weirdest one with him putting on a Spiderman jumpsuit under his uniform for every game," Bregman said.

Although the Spiderman costume may be helping the Astros in their current postseason run, it is not the first time Reddick has been spotted wearing it. In 2016, when Reddick was a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, he showed his costume to the mastermind behind Spiderman, Stan Lee.

.@RealJoshReddick reveals his true identity to @TheRealStanLee. 😂👍

— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) September 23, 2016

Reddick even wore a Spiderman vest underneath his suit at his wedding, proving how baseball players stick to their superstitions.

The Astros and Nationals are set to face off in Game 6 of the World Series on October 29 at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. The Astros could seal the deal with a win as they are currently ahead in the series 3-2, but the Nationals could force a winner-take-all game 7 on October 30.

Alex Bregman
Houston Astros take 3-2 series lead backed by Alex Bregman's superstitious shirt Patrick Smith/Getty