Alex Jones Declares Himself a 'Human Supremacist' in Viral InfoWars Clip

A video of right-wing conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host Alex Jones in which he says he is a "human supremacist" has gone viral on social media.

The clip, viewed more than 400,000 times, was shared on Twitter by commentator Ron Filipkowski on Thursday. It's not clear which episode Jones's outburst is from, however.

Jones is dealing with a defamation trial that will determine how much the InfoWars host must pay Sandy Hook Elementary School parents for falsely telling his audience that the deadliest classroom shooting in U.S. history was a hoax.

The InfoWars host has been known for spouting conspiracy theories and his Sandy Hook Elementary School conspiracy resulted in him being sued by the families of the victims for defamation.

Families of Sandy Hook massacre victims have said they received threats and harassment following conspiracy theories alleging the attack was faked.

In the clip, Jones also speaks about a war between humans, robots and A.I. in the future and proclaims humans will colonize other planets.

"I am a human supremacist. I am a human supremacist, that term will be the future war with the robots and the A.I.," Jones said.

"What you are hearing now is the entire future and everything they tried to stop us from doing.

"Our supremacy will not end with this planet, we will people the stars, we will colonize, we will green dead worlds."

"We will go interdimensional, we will unlock the secrets of the universe, God has laid them out like Christmas presents for his children."

He continued: "I am honored to be here. We will break the enemy.

"We will break the pedophiles, we will break the Satanists because God already sent his own self down to here to show us he could do it.

"God would never ask us to go through an obstacle course that he wouldn't go through.

"Now we are going to go through what Christ did and we are going to be destroyed but reborn on the other side."

Earlier this month, another video of Jones from his show went viral as he warned against aliens turning humans into "cyborg slaves of Satan"

"I declare this July 4, 2022, to be a declaration of independence against the alien force on this planet today," Jones said. "[Aliens] are waging war against humans and their biology and our future.

"That is attempting to exterminate the majority of us and force the minority that is left to merge with AI computers and become cyborg slaves of Satan."

Jones was quickly mocked on social media for the wild claims he made during this show. Many remarked that the term "cyborg slaves of Satan" would make for an entertaining name for a book, film, or album.

Newsweek has contacted InfoWars for comment.

Alex Jones
Alex Jones attends a protest outside the Texas State Capitol during a rally calling for the reopening of Austin and Texas on April 25, 2020 in Austin, Texas. A video of Jones has gone viral where he proclaims he is a human supremacist. Gary Miller/Getty