Alex Jones Has Meltdown in First Interview Since Sandy Hook Lawsuit Verdict

InfoWars host Alex Jones erupted in frustration after being asked about Sandy Hook in an interview.

In early August, the conspiracy theorist was ordered to $45.2 million in punitive damages to Sandy Hook parents Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis at the conclusion of an Austin, Texas, defamation trial.

The jury awarded $4.1 million in compensatory damages. Jones also owes an additional $1.5 million in fines.

In total this has left Jones owing more than $50 million for falsely claiming that the nation's deadliest elementary school shooting was staged by "crisis actors."

Jones recently sat down for his first interview since the ruling with journalist and Youtuber Andrew Callaghan.

Callaghan, who produces content on his YouTube page Channel 5, released a trailer for his interview with Jones on September 3. The video so far has 250,000 views.

In the brief two-and-a-half-minute clip, Callaghan begins by asking whether Jones feels responsible for what happened to the Sandy Hook families.

"Yes, I killed the children," Jones replied, appearing to be sarcastic.

"I went in that school, I pulled a gun out and I shot every one of them myself. I am guilty it is true."

Callaghan attempted to interrupt Jones multiple times but the InfoWars host continued to claim that he was responsible for killing the victims.

"Do I feel responsible that someone, played a sh*t ton of video games, was on a bunch of drugs, went in and killed a bunch of kids and then the internet questioned it and I covered that? No I don't feel responsible.

"I don't apologize anymore, I'm done. I don't apologize. I killed the kids."

He continued: "No, I killed them, I killed them... I have already admitted it, I killed them."

Jones then began to say American amendments should be gotten rid of and sarcastically added other public figures who "killed the kids."

"The First Amendment killed them, get rid of the Second Amendment, get rid of the First Amendment, they are bad, they killed the kids too," he said.

"George Washington killed them, Jesus killed them, we should rename the entire planet Sandy Hook, everything, there should be holidays.

"We should bow five times a day to New Haven, Connecticut for the kids that died.

"Every American's to blame, every gun owner's to blame, I am to blame. We are all guilty."

Eventually as Jones said he was done talking about it to which Callaghan asked if the pair could speak more specifically about the trial.

Jones reiterated that there was nothing to talk about and appeared to get up early and leave the chat, saying: "I don't know if I can do this interview right now.

The video footage then turned to black but audio can be heard allegedly between Jones and an InfoWars employee.

The employee insists that Jones "should not keep doing that", to which he replied he murdered those children.

The apparent Infowars employee said he understood the point Jones was attempting to make but said what he was doing was not funny.

Newsweek has contacted Jones for comment.

Alex Jones
Infowars founder Alex Jones interacts with supporters at the Texas State Capital building on April 18, 2020 in Austin, Texas. Alex Jones appeared to get up and exit an interview early after being asked about Sandy Hook. Sergio Flores/Getty