Alex Morgan Sips Tea After Goal Against England, Launching Piers Morgan Into Twitter Hissy Fit

Whether it's a touchdown, three-pointer or goal, post-scoring celebrations often ruffle feathers on the opposing side. Recently, American soccer player Alex Morgan caught worldwide attention Tuesday after celebrating her goal against England by "sipping tea."

In one quick gesture, Morgan created quite the stir on social media–which even had Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan chiming in. Tweeted at the England women's national soccer team, the polarizing talk show host called for the USA team in its entirety to "choke on it."

"When we win this, I hope every one of our players feigns eating a Big Mac and large fries," Piers added.

Come on @Lionesses - make these cocky yanks choke on it.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) July 2, 2019

Piers continued his Twitter rant by critiquing her tea-sipping manners and concluded that the athlete wasn't drinking Britain's beverage but, in fact, smoking "dope."

Many British soccer fans agreed with Piers, and hoped the Lionesses "crush [Alex Morgan's] dreams"–even adding on to his "eating a Big Mac and large fries" joke, saying it would be more fitting to mock America by "shooting up a school."

"Or pretend to start unloading an assault rifle," one Twitter user wrote.

"Or going on a gun rampage. Zero class," another added.

"Or pretend to shoot a school," a third chimed in.

Things quickly seemed to calm down after Piers send a congratulatory tweet to Team USA following their semi-final victory against England.

All over. Beaten by the better team.
Good effort @Lionesses but sadly not good enough. Well played USA.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) July 2, 2019

Prior to Morgan's controversial post-goat celebration, Team USA has been met with a bit of hostility from fellow competitors. Though the Stade de Lyon is said to have hosted a majority of American fans, British soccer player Phil Neville says they can still be met with opposition.

"We're the French second team now," he said of the England side in his pre-game press conference on Monday. "Now that their team is out, they're supporting us, so we'll have the crowd on our side. The French people have got behind the story of our football. We are the team the French public want to win. French support has been incredible."

USA's soccer team also received heavy criticism, some saying they have an "image problem," after intensely celebrating each of their 13 goals against Thailand during their opening match.

Team USA is now headed to the World Cup Finals and will face either the Netherlands or Sweden. America's opponent will be decided on Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET.

The 2019 World Cup Finals take place on July 7.

Alex Morgan sipping tea
Alex Morgan of USA Women celebrates 1-2 during the World Cup Women match between England v USA at the Stade de Lyon on July 2, 2019 in Lyon France. Geert van Erven/Getty