Conservatives Mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Supporting a Pay Raise Backed by Top Republicans

Conservatives ruthlessly mocked New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tuesday as a spoiled "socialist" after she advocated for congressional raises also supported by top House Republicans.

Right-wing media figures ranging from Sean Hannity to Daily Caller reporters accused Ocasio-Cortez of being a silly, privileged socialist in a "luxury apartment" over a House Democrat proposal to increase congressional pay for the first time since 2009. Last week, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) was forced to remove a release ridiculing Democrats after it was revealed Republicans including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise were in talks to back the pay raise.

Members of Congress on average make $174,000 a year and there was bipartisan agreement that a $4,500 pay raise could offset the notion that congressional jobs are just hobbies for wealthy people who don't need the salary.

Conservative media outlets overlooked several Republicans making arguments in favor of payment reforms including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who agreed with Ocasio-Cortez last month that former members of Congress should be forbidden from immediately collecting lobbyist checks. But always eager to patronize her as an "elitist socialist," right-wing writers attacked the youngest woman elected to the House in history as a scatterbrained former waitress just looking to finance a new "luxury apartment" and "yoga classes."

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"Ocasio-Cortez, who used to be a waitress, is enjoying the financial dividends of her new job, moving into a luxury apartment replete with pools, a sauna, rooftop garden and even a wood-burning stove to make pizza. Ocasio-Cortez justified the opulence by saying luxury should be the standard for everyone," The Daily Caller's David Krayden wrote Tuesday.

alexandria ocasio-cortez aoc pay raise
Conservatives ruthlessly attacked Ocasio-Cortez for backing a Congress pay raise supported by top Republicans, claiming she just wants "yoga classes" and "luxury apartments." Screenshot: Fox News

Several other media figures with a history of criticizing Ocasio-Cortez, including Fox News, Dan Bongino, Ryan Saavedra, Sean Hannity and Breitbart News pounced on raw video recorded outside of Congress Monday evening to portray her as an upset young woman demanding more money.

"AOC: 'It's not even... like... a raise," her right-wing critics tweeted Monday in attempt to portray her as a clueless Valley Girl. The video showed Ocasio-Cortez explaining why less wealthy members of Congress quickly turn to accepting lobbyist cash to supplement their government salaries -- a point dismissed by her pro-Trump, big government Republican critics.

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"What this does is punish members who rely on a straight salary, and reward those who rely on money loopholes and other forms of self-dealing. For example, it incentivizes the horrible kinds of legislative looting we saw in the GOP tax scam bill," Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

House Democrats on Monday moved to postpone the pay raise after several vulnerable members urged leaders to backtrack.

Last week, Politico reported the NRCC embarrassingly sent an email which blasted Democrats for considering the same pay raise that top House Republicans were privately working with them to pass.

But regardless of GOP support for the pay raises, The Daily Wire sarcastically claimed Tuesday that Ocasio-Cortez was "suffering" without the pay raise. And The Daily Caller disingenuously claimed Ocasio-Cortez "has also complained about her congressional duties interfering with her yoga classes and forcing her to eat at fast food restaurants."

"After campaigning on a slogan of 'for the people,' the socialist Democrats have accomplished a whole lot of nothing 6 months into their majority. And as a reward for their incompetence, they want middle-class taxpayers to give them a $4,500 pay raise!" read the email from the NRCC in direct conflict with their own leadership.

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