Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says She'll Fight for Trump Supporters' Health Care Even After They Chanted 'AOC Sucks!'

As supporters of President Donald Trump packed another venue Thursday for another rally in another state, the crowd directed their chants not at longtime target Hillary Clinton, but at another prominent Democratic woman: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Yet the first-term congresswoman from New York City said she is not daunted by the chants and will continue to fight to provide healthcare for all — including those Trump supporters who shouted their distaste for her.

On Thursday, before President Trump's appearance at a Grand Rapids, Michigan, campaign rally, his oldest son talked to the audience about how Ocasio-Cortez, 29, had become the new face and voice of a changing Democratic Party.

"Think about the fact that every mainstream, leading Democratic contender is taking the advice of a freshman congresswoman who three weeks ago didn't know the three branches of government," Trump Jr. said, per the Washington Post. "I don't know about you guys, but that's pretty scary."

As the president's son scanned his notes, a chant began.

"AOC sucks!" the crowd chanted.

As the audience roared in unison, Trump Jr. looked up, glanced across the crowd and flashed a grin.

"You guys, you're not very nice," he said. "And neither is what that policy would do to this country."

The first son was referring to the Green New Deal, a sweeping climate change bill that Ocasio-Cortez introduced in the House. The legislation, co-sponsored by Sen. Ed Markey, was voted down, 57-0, Tuesday in the Senate, with 42 Democrats and one Independent (Bernie Sanders) voting "present" rather than "yes" or "no.

Senate Republicans, three Democrats and one Independent voted against the Green New Deal, which has an estimated price tag of $93 trillion, and would try to eliminate fossil fuels like coal and oil and move America to wind and solar power, hoping to rid greenhouse carbon gases by 2030.

Ocasio-Cortez, whose use of Twitter as a tool for reaching her supporters and detractors rivals that of the president himself, responded by brushing of the chants and noting that she is trying to achieve healthcare coverage for everyone, not just for Democratic voters.

"That's okay - I'll fight for their right to healthcare anyway."

That’s okay - I’ll fight for their right to healthcare anyway.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) March 29, 2019

Healthcare, which had appeared to drop from the top of the White House's list of priorities after Democrats won back the House in 2018, is apparently back on the legislative table for Trump — along with immigration and his long-promised border wall — now that a two-year investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller ended without bringing any criminal allegations against the president or his family.

Yet, the president indicated earlier Friday on CNN that healthcare might not be the top priority as he is in "no great rush" to address healthcare.