Who Plays Alfie In 'Emily in Paris' Season 2? 4 Facts About British Actor Lucien Laviscount

Emily in Paris Season 2 lands on Netflix on Wednesday, December 22.

The hit show will introduce a number of new characters into Emily Cooper's (Lily Collins) life, including love interest Alfie, played by Lucien Laviscount.

Alfie is described as a 30-year-old London-born expat who lives in Paris but refuses to immerse himself in French culture.

Given he is similarly ignorant to French culture as Emily, it makes sense why he bonds with her, though it will make her love life complicated given she has already drawn the interest of Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Antoine (William Abadie).

Before he makes his debut on the small screen, here is everything you need to know about Emily in Paris newcomer Laviscount.

1. Lucien Lavinscount's debut was in an M&S commercial with David Beckham

29-year-old Laviscount has been in the acting business a long time as he made his acting debut in an advert for Marks & Spencer when he was just 10.

He modelled for former professional footballer David Beckham's clothing line with the retailer, and he posed alongside the man himself.

In an interview with Bleu magazine, Laviscount recalled how the photoshoot took place at the sportsman's apartment in Manchester, and after being caught misbehaving on set Beckham told him he should be an actor.

The rest, as they say, is history.

2. He made his big break by appearing on several British soaps

After appearing in the commercial, Laviscount took what Beckham told him to heart and started to prepare for a career in acting.

In 2007 the actor, then 15, landed a role as a regular in BBC show Grange Hill, before going on to appear in soaps Coronation Street and Waterloo Road.

Laviscount portrayed Ben Richardson for 34 episodes in ITV's soap Coronation Street, while he appeared as regular Jonah Kirby in Channel 4's Waterloo Road in Series 6.

3. He appeared on Celebrity Big Brother

Following his stints on the soaps, Laviscount made an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, entering the house during its eighth season.

The actor, who was then only 19, starred on the reality show with TV personality Kerry Katona and The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs, and he had "showmances" with both women during his time in the Big Brother house.

Laviscount made it all the way to the final, or their 22nd day in the house, which was when he was evicted.

He came in fifth place, with Katona coming runner-up to winner Paddy Doherty.

4. Ryan Murphy liked him so much as an actor he wrote a role just for him in Scream Queens

The actor's big break across the pond was in Scream Queens, a horror show by Ryan Murphy in which he played Earl Grey.

Originally, Laviscount auditioned for a different role which he was rejected for, but then he got a call from Murphy informing him that the showrunner had written a role specifically for him.

In his interview with Bleu Magazine, Laviscount reflected: "When Mr. Murphy found it within himself to write me a role in Scream Queens, I jumped at the opportunity to deliver what his incredibly beautiful & twisted mind had in store."

Emily in Paris Season 2 is available to watch globally on Wednesday, December 22 at midnight PST.

Emily in Paris
Lucien Laviscount and Lily Collins as Alfie and Emily in "Emily in Paris" Season 2. STÉPHANIE BRANCHU/Netflix