All Elite Wrestling 'Dynamite' Results: Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy Meet in the Ring Wednesday Night

After the critically-acclaimed empty arena show that All Elite Wrestling put on, how will this week's edition of Dynamite shake out?

What was originally planned for a special show in Newark, New Jersey titled "Blood and Guts" will end up as another empty arena show in Florida. While the Wargames bout between The Inner Circle and The Elite is postponed for the time being, Chris Jericho will be in action tonight.

The former AEW Champion will go face-to-face with the newest member of the new promotion, Matt Hardy. The "Broken One" arrived on Dynamite last week at the behest of Matt Jackson after his brother Nick was deemed unable to compete due to injury.

How will this interaction between former WWE Superstars further the feud between the two factions?

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Speaking of The Elite and Inner Circle, Kenny Omega will have his first match since injuring his hand at the last pay-per-view when he goes up against Sammy Guevara. Omega will be putting his AAA Mega Campeon Championship on the line. Can Guevara bring gold to the Inner Circle now that Jericho lost the AEW Championship?

In a pair of singles matches, Cody will go up against Jimmy Havoc while Kip Sabian will take on Darby Allin.

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Brodie Lee, the former Luke Harper, was revealed to be "The Exalted One" the leader of The Dark Order on last week's show. After decimating SCU, what's next for Lee and The Dark Order?

As we saw with last week's show, the unexpected can happen on Dynamite and here's everything that happened on the March 25 edition.

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Tony Schiavone, Kenny Omega and Cody are on commentary. Schiavone explains that Taz, Excalibur and JR couldn't make the trip.

Cody vs Jimmy Havoc

  • It should be noted that there are no wrestlers in the stands like last week.
  • Chris Jericho is seen watching the match with Shawn Spears, Billy Gunn and his son.
  • Cody wins via pinfall after a Crossroads.
  • After the match, a video of Jake Roberts sitting by a campfire is shown. He says that he's the best mind wrestling ever had and he's been waiting for a phone call. He says that Cody is afraid of Lance Archer after what he did last week, and that he's still paying the doctor's bill from his last training session.
  • Jake tells Cody to bring his people, he can bring Arn Anderson and Brandi to a meeting with him to make this match happen.

Cody Promo

  • Back on commentary Cody is asked about Lance Archer. He says that Cody isn't his first opponent. He announces that Lance Archer can debut next week

Darby Allin Video

  • He says that he knows some bad people, as he wears different cardboard cut outs of the Inner Circle members. He says that Kip Sabian is getting too close to those bad people, but now he's going to have to atone for the sins of The Inner Circle

Kip Sabian (with Penelope Ford) vs Darby Allin

  • Penelope helps Kip throughout the match like pulling him away from attacks on the outside.
  • Allin wins via pinfall after a Last Supper

Jake Hager vs Chico Adams

  • Hager wins via submission after an Arm Triangle in a squash match
  • After the match, Jon Moxley comes to the ring and hits Hager with a Paradigm Shift. Hager gets up and puts the ankle lock on Moxley, but Jon gets out of it. Hager flees the ring after Moxley swings the title at him. The two jar at each other.

Moxley Backstage Promo

  • Moxley says he is out for blood. He says that he and Hager will come at ahead and it will, and he will have Jake carted out on a stretcher or die trying

The Exalted One Video

  • Brodie Lee is sitting at a dinner table with two members of The Dark Order
  • Lee asks them what don't they understand about what The Dark Order is. He says that they are the lions of AEW and they take what they want. One of the members tries to eat the steak on his plate, but Lee says that he can't eat before he's finished. The other one sneezes and Lee tells him to leave (this is likely a play on Vince McMahon)

Brodie Lee vs QT Marshall

  • Lee pins Marshall after a Discus Lariat
  • After the match, one of The Dark Order's creepers drops a mask on Marshall's chest

Vanguard 1 Footage

  • After a recap package of Nick Jackson being injured by The Inner Circle, we see footage from Vanguard 1 that shows Jackson working out in his garage.

Kenny Omega (c) vs Sammy Guevara - AAA Mega Campeon Championship Match

  • Omega wins via pinfall after a One-Winged Angel

Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy Segment

  • Jericho calls out Matt Hardy and offers him a spot on Inner Circle
  • Vanguard 1 comes down and Jericho runs down the drone. He says even though I don't like you, I respect you and asks Vanguard 1 to join the Inner Circle.
  • Vanguard 1 leaves and Matt Hardy shows up in the stands. Hardy teleports throughout the arena. Jericho asks how he did that and Matt says it's magic. Jericho says that this company was raised and put to the mainstream by him. Hardy says that he is here because he owed the Young Bucks a debt for resurrecting Broken Matt Hardy.
  • Hardy says that AEW represents freedom and calls it Arcadia. He can't let the Inner Circle ruin this place. Jericho says he resurrects careers and makes stars of others and he can do the same for Matt. He reiterates that he should join the Inner Circle.
  • Hardy says he's over 3000 years old and he's not the Matt he knows. He says that Jericho has reinvented himself but is still evil.
  • After a back and forth, Jericho slaps Hardy and Matt hits him back. Sammy Guevara hits Matt from behind, which brings Omega and Cody from the back with chairs. The Elite and Hardy clear the ring.
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