All In A Name

EARLIER THIS YEAR, THE ANIMOSITY between the nation's largest standardized-test-preparation companies Stanley Kaplan (owned by NEWSWEEK'S parent company, The Washington Post) and The Princeton Review hit a new low. On March 1, TPR secured the address "," tying up an Internet address its competitor would covet. "It's an act of corporate theft," says Kaplan CEO Jonathan Grayer. According to John Katzman, TPR's president, the stunt was "done entirely for fun and to irritate them." It worked, especially when Kaplan execs realized that TPR, was soliciting Kaplan horror stories through this address. Whether the address constitutes trademark infringement and false advertising has become a point of contention between the two companies TPR still owns it. The dispute has been added to arbitration talks over other claims, all of which Kaplan and TPR hope to resolve by year-end.