Alleged Drunk Driver Plows Into Jack in the Box Restaurant in Video Viewed Over 1M Times

A series of viral TikTok videos showed the moment an allegedly drunk driver fell asleep behind the wheel before driving into the side of a Jack in the Box restaurant.

The video, uploaded by user @dopeface420, has already amassed more than 1.4 million views since it was posted over the weekend.

TikToker @Dopeface420 posted several videos of the incident which showed a man asleep in his car at the drive-thru before being woken up and plowing into the building.

"Drunk dude falls asleep then crashes into wall of jack in the box," the on-screen text read.

In part one of the video, the TikToker showed the customer slumped forward in his seat as employees began yelling at him to wake up. Eventually, someone approached the vehicle and told the man to wake up as he began lightly hitting the man's arm.

"Hey, want to move forward?" the man said to the driver. The driver then began driving forward but their eyes appeared to be barely open.

In the next video, the person filming ran over to a window in the restaurant to show that the driver drove straight into a wall.

"He ran into the wall," the person filming said. "Oh my god, what a f**king idiot."

While the location of the video is unknown, the clock appeared to show that everything occurred at 1:45 a.m.

In the third video, an employee called the police and it cut to a clip of a cop shining a flashlight at the driver while attempting to figure out what happened. In the comments, @dopeface420 claimed the driver was arrested for DUI after they called the police.

Many in the comments were quick to joke about the messy situation.

"When you try to literally drive through the drive thru," one user joked.

But others were quite serious, making sure the TikToker called the police to report the driver for drunk driving so he didn't potentially cause harm to anyone.

"You don't know how many lives you probably saved that night," one user said.

Jack in the Box sign
A viral video showed the moment an allegedly drunk driver fell asleep at the drive-thru before plowing into part of the building. The driver was later arrested. Smith Collection/Getty Images

Others noted that this was common behavior for late-night drive-thrus. At Jack in the Box alone, there have been at least four different instances of drivers drunkenly driving into the restaurant this year alone.

In January, police arrested a man in Santa Clarita, California for driving under the influence after he drove his white pick up into the drive-thru window of the local Jack in the Box.

In June, a vehicle struck a Jack in the Box before the vehicle's occupants created a public disturbance inside the restaurant. The manager said one of the women threw a liquor bottle at him before fleeing on foot. He also found their vehicle parked backward in the drive-thru.

The driver also allegedly backed up into a pillar next to the building before the disturbance began. Police were called and found the women at a nearby strip mall. The driver failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for a DUI with a child under the age of 15, Times Record News reported.

In July, an allegedly intoxicated woman drove to the Jack in the Box drive-thru at approximately 2 a.m. before claiming she "didn't know what she was doing" and attempted to back out.

Another driver nearby told the woman he would back out the car for her. She told police she had about four to five drinks before she drove to the Jack in the Box, JOLT News reported. She was later arrested for a DUI.

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