Alleged Ex-Walmart Employee Claims Sheet Cakes Are Frozen

A TikToker who claims to be an ex-Walmart employee is accusing the store of only serving frozen sheet cakes and that "nothing is actually baked in the bakery."

In a video uploaded on January 14, Kat Marie or @kazmarie13 on TikTok replied to a video asking users to share a company secret. The TikToker received more than 78,400 views but had many users divided in the comments.

Marie claimed in the video responding to another TikToker, @princessannafit, that the reason shoppers must give advance notice before buying a cake from the store is because it has to be taken out of the freezer.

"The reason you have to give so much notice before getting a cake that's like custom decorated is not because that's how long it takes them to bake the cake," they said. "It's because that's how long it takes the frozen sheet cake to thaw out."

The TikToker continued to claim that "nothing is actually baked in the bakery" and that it is all just frozen and heated up.

"And icing comes pre-made and pre-colored in gallon buckets," the caption of the video read.

The Walmart website does not explicitly state details about the cakes except that they are hand-decorated in the store.

According to The Food Network, it is not uncommon to freeze cakes in between decorating. Heartier cakes such as chocolate or carrot last longer in the freezer than delicate cakes such as angel food and are recommended for long-term freezing.

What makes for a successful frozen cake is being tightly wrapped and sealed. To prevent the cake from getting stale, it is recommended to first wrap the cake in plastic wrap and then again in aluminum foil.

It is not recommended to leave a cake frozen for more than 12 months, but many recommend thawing before the four-month mark to avoid losing the original taste and texture.

In the comments of the video, many users said they were shocked to hear that the sheet cakes were frozen and the icing was not made in store. But other users mentioned that this was a standard practice not only in Walmart, but in most other chain grocery stores.

"This also goes for any chain grocery store, Kroger, iga, food city, Ingles, etc," one user claimed.

"Welcome to commercial food service," another user wrote.

"That's standard," one comment read. "Even high end bakeries freeze cake. It's also how they decorate it. It's fine."

In a video reply to the user's comment, Marie clarified that they didn't mean the cakes are baked and then frozen for storage. Rather, they are baked and then shipped to the store frozen, the TikToker claimed.

"They come in prebaked on a freezer truck and then they sit in the freezer until you place an order," the TikToker said in the video.

Marie then repeated that "nothing is baked in the bakery" but said current associates told them that the Italian loaves are baked in store, although the dough is frozen.

"I also didn't say that that was a bad thing," Marie said. "It's just a thing that they do and they do that for consistency reasons."

The TikToker ended the follow-up video by saying they thought it was funny when customers would call requesting fresh donuts for the morning and didn't realize that the donuts would be "no fresher than the stuff sitting on the shelf."

Other users commented that although they were unaware the cakes were frozen that they would still continue to buy them.

Newsweek reached out to Kat Marie and Walmart for comment.

Chocolate sheet cake
A TikToker claiming to be an ex-Walmart employee alleged the cakes sold in store are shipped and stored frozen. dejankrsmanovic/iStock