Allegedly Drunk Woman Denied Boarding, Cuffed After Airport 'Meltdown' in Viral Videos

A woman, dubbed the "Mimosa Karen" by many on the internet, went viral after footage of her public meltdown was uploaded to TikTok. In total, the series of videos have amassed more than 2.8 million views since they were posted on November 10.

In the series of videos, posted by @cinco_suave, a woman began yelling at airline staff at a Southwest Airlines gate. As the woman got closer, the employee put her hand up to prevent the woman from getting any closer.

"Karen had a few to many mimosas," read the caption of the video.

In the video, the woman held up her cellphone at the woman working the terminal desk as other staff approached her. She continued to film the woman at the desk and told her to "say it again," although it is unclear what the employee said.

Eventually, the woman attempted to walk toward the boarding door before an airport employee blocked the entrance.

"Say it again," the woman yelled again at the employee as she pointed her phone at her.

Another airport employee then asked the woman to take her concerns to customer service since she was disrupting the entire gate. Eventually, someone from airport security approached the woman as she yelled "don't touch me," at the man.

In another video, the woman could be heard yelling at one of the employees asking for their employee number. She continued to yell as the employees ignored her question and walked by her.

"Is everyone seeing that I'm asking for their employee number and no one is giving it to me?" the woman asked as she continued filming on her cellphone.

The woman then began pointing at the airport employees and continued asking for their employee numbers. In the third and final video, the woman stood surrounded by police officers.

"So how many times do I have to say f**k you to all of you?" the woman asked one of the police officers. "I've done nothing wrong...I'll just sit here until the next flight."

The woman sat down and then asked one of the cops "why in the hell" she would need to provide them with her ID when she's done "nothing wrong." She continued to explain to the cop that the female employee told her to "f**k off."

"I'm supposed to be boarding the airplane, my mom has cancer, okay?" she said to the cop as she pointed at him.

"It's illegal that you're not letting me board this plane," she said to another officer. She then turned toward the other people at the gate and said she doesn't care that she was making a scene.

She continued to explain her situation to the officer who calmly said he wanted to help her. In response, she raised her voice and eventually called one of the airline employees a "f**king c**t" which caused a reaction from witnesses nearby. Before the woman could finish her sentence, the officers cuffed the woman and escorted her away.

As she was led out by officers, people witnessing the altercation began clapping and laughing.

"Bye Holly!" one person shouted.

"Her name is Karen actually," someone replied.

At the end of the video, the woman could be heard yelling at the cops asking why she was in handcuffs.

Since COVID-19 restrictions started to be lifted over the past few months, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reported a startling increase in unruly passengers.

Busy Airport Terminal
A viral video showed the moment an unruly passenger began yelling at airline staff at the airport gate. She eventually was handcuffed and escorted away from the gate by uniformed officers. Robert Alexander/Getty Images

As of November 23, the FAA reported more than 5,338 unruly passenger incidents, with approximately 3,800 relating to mask-related incidents compared to about 183 reports in 2020.

So far this year, the FAA has launched about 1,012 investigations and 226 enforcement cases.

In the comments, many joked that the woman reached no-fly status after causing such a loud altercation at the airport.

"Someone won't be flying Southwest anymore," one user commented. "Too bad cause your first 2 checked bags fly free."

"She's the reason why half of the American workforce has called it quits," another user mentioned.

"Denied boarding and going away in cuffs...perfect ending," another comment read.

Others mentioned that it is a federal violation to not properly wear a mask at the airport and that she was also acting unruly toward the airline employees, which is another federal violation.

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