Video of Man Using Alligator's Mouth to Open Beer Can Nears 1M Views

A clip which shows a man using an alligator to help him open a can of beer has gone viral and is approaching one million views.

The video shows a man in a red t-shirt on board a hovercraft with a group of others in what appears to be Florida.

The man in the red t-shirt is seen enticing an alligator in the water by splashing inside it, as well as tapping it on its head.

When the alligator opens its mouth, the man then pierces a can of beer on its teeth and hands it to another man next to him, who starts gleefully drinking it.

The stunt prompts cheers of appreciation from the others on the hovercraft. The alligator did not appear to be harmed during the incident.

It is unclear when or where the footage was filmed. The video appears to have been first posted online on July 16 via the @selfpr0tect Twitter account with the caption: "Normal day in Florida."

Since then, it has since been viewed more than 940,000 views.

Normal day in Florida

— How to protect Yourself (@selfpr0tect) July 16, 2021

On Twitter, many have praised the ingenuity of the so-called "Florida Man,"—an internet meme used for articles about unusual crimes or wild antics of men from the Sunshine state.

"Country folk are an absolute gift from God," tweeted Jessica O'Donnell, social media editor for The Blaze, while sharing the video.

Twitter user @Danmmeyer added: "Taking Florida Man to a whole new level: using an alligator's teeth to shotgun a beer. Florida Man Expert Level achieved."

Fred Harding added: "Am I the only one amongst our hive that thinks the video of the hillbillies provoking an alligator so they could open a beer on its teeth is absolutely awesome? I mean, dude, that was hot."

Some days I just want to give up

— Josh Gad (@joshgad) July 18, 2021

You might be shotgunning a beer cool, but you'll never be shotgunning a beer your buddy started on a wild alligator's lower fang cool.

— Tony Francois (@TonyFrancoisEsq) July 19, 2021

And another chapter of why women live longer than men

— Darth Jeffery (@jeffery_keys) July 20, 2021

However, others were more critical of the group's actions and used it as an opportunity to attack Florida and its residents as a whole.

"If you ever wonder why Trump moved to Florida or how Ron DeSantis or Marco Rubio were elected this *17 second video* shot in Florida explains it all. Everything," tweeted author Dan Winslow.

Manny Buckley wrote: "These same Florida men shotgunning beer from a can pierced by an alligator's tooth in the swamp refuse to get the COVID vaccine b/c, checks notes, they don't know what's in it."

"I hate everyone on this boat! If you support this kind of behavior please unfollow me," added @funkdisneyguy.

Some also express the possible health risks of using an alligator's mouth to shotgun a beer.

"While I'm glad they didn't harm the alligator, this is a very bad idea," one account wrote. "The water that alligators live in down there are full of organisms that are dangerous if ingested. I really hope the young man who drank the beer didn't catch anything. Like dysentery."

Twitter user @blueeyedmexican said: "Alligators have notoriously dirty mouths. One can only hope some of that deadly bacteria got into the can."

alligator beer
An alligator navigates the waterway at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands on July 09, 2021 in Delray Beach, Florida. Bruce Bennett/Getty Images