'Altered Carbon' Season 2: What Year Does 'Altered Carbon' Take Place After Season 1 Time Jump?

Altered Carbon's cyberpunk aesthetic and futuristic look has led many fans to wonder when exactly the series is supposed to be set. The Netflix series, Season 2 of which premieres this Thursday, is set in a future where one's consciousness can be downloaded into a device and then transferred into a new physical body or a synthetic one known as a "sleeves."

This technology already feels like something from hundreds of years into the future, but Season 2 jumps forward in time to even further into a dystopian future where Takeshi Kovacs' (played by Joel Kinnaman) consciousness has been "resleeved" into a new body (Anthony Mackie).

What year does Altered Carbon Season 2 take place?

While the first season mostly took place in the year 2384, Season 2 takes us a few decades further into the timeline. Per Radio Times, the new season's eight episodes take place 30 years after the events of Season 1, after which time there has been some upgrades to the sleeves available. Kovacs' new form in the 25th century, for example, comes with enhanced reaction time and rapid healing abilities.

The year 2412, around which Altered Carbon Season 2 takes place, is still earlier than the setting of the original 2002 novel. The Richard Morgan book is set in the 26th century, but the makers of the Netflix series decided to shorten the time to bring it slightly closer to our current century.

altered carbon season 2 timeline
"Altered Carbon" Season 2 features a time jump that sees Takeshi Kovacs resleeve Netflix

Per Season 2's synopsis, Kovacs has been busy in the years since Netflix viewers last saw him. The logline reads in part: "After decades of planet-hopping and searching the galaxy, Kovacs finds himself recruited back to his home planet of Harlan's World with the promise of finding Quell [Renee Elise Goldsberry]."

This synopsis indicates that even though it has been over two dozen years since Kovacs set out to find Quell, he still has not done so, suggesting that despite so many things changing in the world of Altered Carbon, including an entirely new cast, some things have stayed the same.

Though the majority of the action of Season 2 will take place in the early 2400s, the show is still likely to feature flashbacks to events of centuries prior, as was the case with the first season of the show. Per Deadline, The Good Doctor star Will Yun Lee will reprise his role as Kovacs' original body, suggesting we will get more glimpses of his early life.

Altered Carbon Season 2 is released on Netflix on Thursday, February 27.

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