Alyssa Milano Responds to Blackface Rumors, Says It's a Snooki Spoof

Actress Alyssa Milano clapped back at trolls accusing her of wearing blackface, pointing out that she was actually playing Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in a Jersey Shore spoof.

Screengrabs of the actress in the parody of MTV's reality-TV hit have been circulating online for the past few days. People on social media began sharing the images to effectively "cancel" Milano, and have claimed that they're proof she's donned blackface in the past.

"The below picture is me parodying Jersey Shore and Snookie's tan," Milano wrote in a tweet on Tuesday, responding to the bad-faith campaign. "Snookie's tan (she is a sweetheart by the way) is worthy of parodying as is Trump's 'tan'. So go f**k yourselves with your smear campaign."

Hey, assholes. The below picture is me parodying Jersey Shore and Snookie’s tan.

Snookie’s tan (she is a sweetheart by the way) is worthy of parodying as is Trump’s “tan”.

So go fuck yourselves with your smear campaign. Here is the link to full video:

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 30, 2020

An outspoken activist, Milano noted in a tweet on Monday that conservatives are weaponizing "cancel culture" to try and silence "Trump's most vocal critics."

Cancel culture is being weaponized by the right/Putin. Take notice of who they are targeting & what is trending. Are they trying to hurt Trump’s most vocal critics? Yup. The misinformation campaign has begun. Be vigilant in what you post on social media. Truth still matters.

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 29, 2020

Some of Milano's critics, though, know that she was making fun of Snooki, but still take issue with the 2013 Funny or Die sketch because the Jersey Shore star was actually adopted from Chile by Italian-Americans when she was a baby. In 2014, Newsmax reported that Snooki had taken a DNA test that revealed she was part Romani—a group of people who hail from parts of Northern India and the Middle East. A more recent DNA test for MTV's Moms with Attitude showed that Snooki was 59.5 percent Chilean.

— President elect Chump for Trump 3%🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐ (@urworld2406) June 29, 2020

Just like Jimmy Kimmel, Alyssa Milano calls everyone a racist...yet here we are looking at her "blackface" photo mocking a woman of Northern India and Middle Eastern descent.

— Wayne Dupree Media, LLC (@WayneDupreeShow) June 30, 2020

In her Tuesday tweet, Milano shared a link to the Funny or Die video. The just-over-a-minute clip shows the actress receiving a fake tan, being photoshopped and posing to resemble Jersey Shore's most recognizable cast member. Before the clip ends, the words "No wonder our perception of Jersey is distorted" flash across the screen.

Recent comments on the video on YouTube have also accused Milano of blackface. "Alyssa Milano is guilty of blackface. Let's continue to reminder her [sic] of this," one person wrote.

Milano's publicist did not respond to Newsweek's request for comment by the time of this article's publication.

This isn't even the first time in the past few days that Milano has tweeted out the video to respond to people accusing her of blackface. She tweeted a link to the video on June 27, saying that perhaps people could shut down trolls by sharing the whole video.

The right wing trolls are using a still from this funny or die video where a parodied Snookie from Jersey Shore. If you see the screen grab that they are using maybe you can shut them down with a link to the entire video.

Here it is:

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 27, 2020

That same day, she also mocked her trolls by tweeting another Funny or Die video, called "Alyssa Milano Sex Tape." She wrote that trolls "are probably going to try and take me down with this too," referring to the comedy video, which spoofs celebrity sex tapes.

Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano attends a Special Screening of Liongate's "Bombshell" at Regency Village Theatre on December 10, 2019 in Westwood, California. Milano snapped back at trolls who accused her of wearing blackface in a 2013 "Jersey Shore" parody. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty