Amazon Apologizes After Delivery Driver Attempts to Enter Customer's Home

Amazon has issued an apology to a customer after she said a delivery driver tried to get into her house.

Natalie Harvey, who lives in Netherton in the West Midlands, U.K., told Birmingham Mail that she had been tracking a package she was expecting via Amazon.

The 35-year-old said she saw that the package was being delivered imminently and heard a knock on her door a few minutes later. But as she was on her way to answer the door, she said she spotted the delivery driver turning her front door handle from outside.

"I could see the driver through the glass go for the handle and he tried to open the door," the mother-of-three told the Birmingham Mail. The man eventually told her that he tried her door because the package was to big to put through her door's mail slot.

Harvey told the newspaper that she confronted the man about why he was attempting to enter her home. "I unlocked the door and said, 'Why are you trying to open my door?' He looked at me like he wasn't expecting me to say anything and he mumbled something so I said it again. He then said 'The parcel is too big for the letter box.'"

Harvey added that she told the driver that she didn't care for his explanation and only got a response of, "Oh, OK."

She added that it was fortunate she had locked the door because she was home alone that day—but worries about what could have happened if her children were home. "I was angry at the time, but now I've had time to think, I'm more scared because my kids could have been in the house," she told the newspaper.

She said she called to complain to Amazon immediately after the incident with the driver but said she was "disgusted" by the brief conversation with a customer representative, who she said apologized over the phone and said she would also email an apology assuring her that it wouldn't happen again.

Harvey told the newspaper that she didn't think a simple apology and email was acceptable after a stranger tried to walk into her house.

An Amazon spokesperson told Newsweek that the incident was under investigation, but declined to provide further details.

"We take these matters seriously and have reached out to the customer to apologize for the experience and offer our support," the spokesperson said in a statement. "We are addressing the matter with our delivery service provider."

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Stock photo. Amazon has apologized to a customer after she said a delivery driver tried to enter her home. Getty Images