Amber Alert, JinJing Ma: Police Release Suspect Photos in Reagan Airport Abduction, Working With FBI

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Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority police released surveillance photos of a male and female suspect in the abduction of a 12-year-old Chinese girl from Reagan Airport. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Police released photos on Thursday of three people believed to be involved with the disappearance of Chinese student JinJing Ma at Ronald Reagan National Washington Airport, which prompted an Amber Alert.

JinJing, 12, was in the airport getting ready to leave for the West Coast as part of a tour group on Thursday. Before security, said she had to use the restroom, according to a Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) spokesperson. A woman, who an Amber Alert stated is about 40 years old, helped her change her clothes and the pair walked to the departures area of the airport, at which point the pair disappeared out of security camera view.

The pair got into a white Infinity SUV with a New York license plate and an unknown New York registration. Police said the child is believed to be in "extreme danger." An MWAA spokesperson said that before the female suspect met up with JinJing, the adult woman was seen with another male subject and the two left each other's sides shortly before she made contact with the 12-year-old.

The male and female suspects do not appear on camera together again, but the MWAA believe a male suspect was driving the vehicle that JinJing and the woman left the airport in. Police worked to enhance security footage of the incident and released photos of both the male and female suspects, JinJing, and the vehicle.

In one photo, JinJing is dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black jacket and is walking alongside the female suspect, who is talking on the phone, dressed in a black skirt and black top. A separate photo, taken outside the airport, shows the female suspect walking with a man who is wearing dark pants, a dark shirt and a hat and is likely carrying a backpack. A third photo shows a man in a white shirt driving the vehicle that they are suspected to have gotten into before leaving the airport.

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A photo released by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority police show 12-year-old JinJing Ma and a female suspect before the two left the Reagan Airport, prompting an Amber Alert. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
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Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority released a photo of the vehicle that 12-year-old JinJing Ma and her abductors got into before leaving a Washington, D.C., airport. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

MWAA explained that the 12-year-old appears to have left with her abductors willingly and without any force, but police don't know the reason why she went with the woman so it doesn't relieve any of their concerns.

"We don't have any reason or understand why she left," the spokesperson said. "Because of her age because of the circumstances … this is a very serious incident."

It wasn't until a student in the group realized that she was missing and alerted a tour leader that authorities were notified of the student's disappearance. MWAA said part of the investigation includes confirming if the female suspect gave food to JinJing while the group was in New York City and if so, why adults on the tour didn't intervene.

MWAA is working with the FBI's Office of Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force and Virginia State Police. They have also enlisted the help of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, a national organization that keeps records of missing and exploited children. MWAA located information for the girl's guardians and worked to contact them about the situation.

Anyone with information regarding the girl's abduction is encouraged to contact Metro Washington Airport Authority at 703-417-2400 and share what they know.