Ambulance Hijacked at Gunpoint With Patient, Medical Worker in the Back

A fire department ambulance in Houston was run off the road and stolen at gunpoint early on Friday, with a patient and fire service emergency medical worker still in the back.

Houston police said the incident happened shortly before 4 a.m Friday.

Police said Houston Fire Department (HFD) workers were transporting a patient when they were forced off the road near 610 South and Beechnut. The suspect fired multiple shots and took the ambulance at gunpoint, leaving the firefighter who was originally driving the vehicle behind on the side of the road. However, a medical worker for the HFD and a patient were still in the back of the ambulance.

"Southwest and Southeast officers just recovered a stolen HFD Ambulance at Southwest Freeway and Weslayan. HFD was transporting a patient to the hospital when a car ran the ambulance off the road and took the ambulance at gunpoint. One firefighter was left on the side of the road," a statement from Houston police said.

KHOU11 reported that the hijacker pointed a gun at the medical worker and then went back to driving on the freeway for about 15 minutes. The medical worker was then able to alert the fire department, which alerted the police.

Officers then located the vehicle via GPS and apprehended the armed suspect.

The suspect was then taken into custody without incident along the Southwest Freeway near Weslayan.

Police said the patient and firefighters were not hurt in the hijacking. Another ambulance arrived at the scene and continued to transport the patient.

Police told KHOU11 that the suspect may have been on drugs at the time of hijacking.

Newsweek has contacted the police for more comment.

Another hijacking incident occurred earlier in July in Alaska, where an 18-year-old tried to end his own life by taking control of a small plane and allegedly attempting to crash it during a flight

Jaden Lake-Kameroff was charged with terroristic threatening in the second degree, five counts of attempted assault in the first degree, and four counts of assault in the third degree, following the incident onboard a commercial flight between Bethel and Aniak on July 7.

According to Alaska State Troopers, Lake-Kameroff was on the flight with five other passengers when he got out of his seat and took control of the plane, causing the Cessna Caravan to nosedive.

The pilot was fortunately able to retake control of the plane as the other passengers pulled Lake-Kameroff away. The 18-year-old was then subdued by the other passengers until the aircraft safely landed in Aniak.

Houston Firefighters Van
Firefighters and emergency services arrive at a scene of a reported explosion in Houston, Texas, on January 24, 2020. A fire department ambulance in Houston has been run off the road and stolen at gunpoint, with a patient and firefighter still in the back of the vehicle. Mark Felix/Getty