Girl Who Sang 'Let It Go' in Ukraine Bomb Shelter Performs on Global Stage

A Ukrainian girl who went viral after she sang a song from Disney's Frozen while in a bomb shelter has performed in front of a crowd of thousands in Poland.

Amelia Anisovych, 7, was filmed singing "Let It Go" from the 2013 Disney musical fantasy film, with the clip going viral with more than 16.8 million views after it was first posted on Facebook on March 3.

In the following days, the young refugee managed to flee war-torn Ukraine for neighboring Poland with her family.

On Sunday, Anisovych opened the "Together with Ukraine" charity concert where she sang her country's national anthem.

ABC News foreign correspondent James Longman shared a clip of Anisovych singing on Twitter and said: "Remember the girl who sang Frozen in a Ukrainian bomb shelter? She just sang on stage at a charity concert in Poland."

The video, originally shared by Polish journalist Lukasz Kijek, has been viewed more than 543,000 times since it was uploaded early on Monday morning.

According to local outlet, all proceeds from the "Together with Ukraine" event will be donated to Polish Humanitarian Action.

The organization is providing humanitarian aid, "including food and other forms of support to people who had to leave their homes," in Ukraine.

Newsweek has contacted Polish Humanitarian Action for comment.

Anisovych is one of an estimated 10 million Ukrainians who have been displaced since the war with Russia began in February, according to the United Nations (UN).

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi shared a tweet on Sunday that said about one-quarter of Ukraine's population had fled their homes in the past three weeks.

His post read: "Among the responsibilities of those who wage war, everywhere in the world is the suffering inflicted on civilians who are forced to flee their homes. The war in Ukraine is so devastating that 10 million have fled—either displaced inside the country or as refugees abroad."

More than 3.3 million refugees left Ukraine for neighboring countries or beyond, with millions more being displaced within the country's borders.

The humanitarian crisis has shown no signs of ending, with Russian President Vladimir Putin still pressing to secure victory over Ukraine.

Putin has become a political pariah since the conflict began, with harsh sanctions being placed on Russia by the U.S. and its allies.

Even Kremlin ally China has said it would not supply Russia with military equipment or financial support, according to the Chinese ambassador to the U.S., Qin Gang.

In an interview with CBS News' Face the Nation that aired on Sunday, Qin said: "There's a disinformation about China providing military assistance to Russia. We reject that…"

Ukraine flags in Finland
Participants wave the national flag of Ukraine to demonstrate for peace in the country, at Helsinki Senate Square in Helsinki, Finland on March 12, 2022. Amelia Anisovych performed the Ukranian national anthem on stage in Poland. Getty