'American Horror Story' Season 10 Netflix Release Date: When Will It Stream?

Season 10 of American Horror Story has been confirmed by FX and its creator Ryan Murphy, meaning that its Netflix release date should be coming in 2021. Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are both confirmed to be returning for the as-yet-untitled 10th season of AHS, alongside actors like Kathy Bates, Angelica Ross and Macaulay Culkin.

When is American Horror Story Season 10 coming to Netflix?

So far, all we know officially is that AHS 10 is coming to FX in 2021, and filming is believed to have begun in October.

Though we do not have a confirmed release date, previous seasons might give us an idea of when we might expect American Horror Story Season 10 on Netflix and FX.

For the last season American Horror Story: 1984, which was released on Netflix this November, for example, filming began in mid-July 2019, and the 10 episodes started airing on FX in September of that year. The season before that Apocalypse, meanwhile, started in September 2018, with shooting commencing on the 10 episodes three months prior.

If Season 10 follows this same pattern, then we can expect it to air in early 2021, perhaps January or February.

american horror story 10 netflix release date
'American Horror Story' Season 10 is expected in 2021. FX

However, there are some signs that the next season will be slightly different. This year, we are expected to get not only Season 10 but also American Horror Stories, a 16-episode set of standalone hour-long stories. FX may decide to air this first, or this may be a sign that we are getting Season 10 early in 2020, with American Horror Stories taking the usual September timeslot the show has.

If AHS 10 comes to FX in early 2021, then we might expect it to come to Netflix in early 2022, based on the previous Netflix release dates of the prior five seasons.

  • Season 9 (1984): Aired on FX from September to November 2019 and on Netflix in November 2020.
  • Season 8 (Apocalypse): Aired on FX from September to November 2018 and on Netflix in September 2019.
  • Season 7 (Cult): Aired on FX from September to November 2017 and on Netflix in September 2018.
  • Season 6 (Roanoke): Aired on FX from September to November 2016 and on Netflix in October 2017.
  • Season 5 (Hotel): Aired on FX from October 2015 to January 2016 and on Netflix in October 2016.

As such, we do not expect AHS Season 10 to come to Netflix until at least nine months after it finishes airing on FX, and probably more like 12 months, meaning Netflix subscribers who want to watch the latest AHS on the platform may have a long wait on their hands.

American Horror Story Season 10 is coming soon to FX.