Who Is Alejandro Aranda? How 'American Idol's' Luke Bryan Responded

American Idol is back Wednesday night for Round 2 of jaw-dropping auditions; however, there's one musician who made judge Luke Bryan feel like he was in "the presence of greatness."

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Singing an original song, Alejandro Aranda rocked the judges' worlds as he tickled his guitar strings, leaving judge Lionel Richie "inspired."

"That was the greatest–you, my friend, are so talented," Richie said at the conclusion of Aranda's audition. "I'm so inspired."

Keeping a nonchalant tone, it's evident that Aranda looks to be an artist of great humility, but as the judges continued their rich compliments, tears began to well in his eyes.

"I feel like I'm in the presence of greatness," Bryan said. "I am so glad that you are here. It was like watching my favorite movie that I did not want to end."

"I think you're really special, I think you're an absolute genius," judge Katy Perry added.

"I don't think I want to see anybody else," Bryan interjected. "I will not sleep until I watch him perform again."

"You have such a career, and the fact that you don't know it, makes it even more special," Richie concluded. "There's nothing like you, my friend."

After a showering of high praise from the judges, the sneak peek to Wednesday's episode concludes with Perry reminded the talented musician to "stay humble."

Under the handle of @scarypoolparty, Aranda shares various music clips to over 6,000 followers. While his American Idol debut featured his guitar skills, his talent doesn't look to end there. On Instagram, the musician shares videos of his fast-paced piano skills, which leave viewers in absolute awe.

"You are a music prodigy, own it, love it, and always remember you are a very special person," one Instagram user wrote.

"The most talented musician I've seen in a very long time. Keep it up man, you're destined for greatness," another viewer added.

It can easily be speculated that Aranda will get all judges to say "yes," giving him the magical golden ticket to Hollywood, but find out who else will join him when American Idol airs Wednesday night on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

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